What Women Want And What Men Need Is Verrrrrry DIfferent

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How To Use Technology To Improve Your Relationship

Sexy date nights and snow removal can go hand-in-hand.

There are times that men and women want the exact same things in life. But, during the times when the differing individuality between the sexes is apparent, it helps to know exactly how to overcome those boundaries.

Using the hottest and newest apps designed to make life easier is an option that couples didn’t have a mere decade ago. But smart guys and dolls can use them to their full advantage in order to improve mundane tasks that impede happy home lives.

Using technology in relationships is a great advantage. Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding an easy solution to what may seem like a battlefield.

Perhaps, a husband wants his wife to become more focused on taking care of making their house a home. Maybe his wife wishes that her husband realizes how hard she already works and would come home and shovel or snowplow the blizzard himself, like her dad used to do.


In 2016 and beyond, it’s a great thing that a snow removal app such as UnSnow Me exists, with the on-demand snow removal service representing one of those 21st Century ways that those seeking to make money via the snowplow app can find common ground with those needing snow removal services.

Technology like that can help save a marriage. Understanding other ways that men and women think differently can also help find a sweet middle spot in the midst of varying desires.

According to the popular book titled His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage, men tend to wish for some of the same factors when it comes to finding a wife that pleases them.

Those reoccurring needs often include appreciating a wife’s attractiveness, her nurturing nature, and being blessed enough to return home to a comfortable abode.

Of course, sexual fulfillment plays a big role in the minds of both men and women — and when it isn’t achieved, the threat of extramarital affairs can happen.


No matter how advanced in her career, women also tend to still want a stable financial partner, according to author Willard F. Jr. Harley.

Without adopting antiquated beliefs, women expressed to the writer that no matter how high up the corporate ladder they’ve climbed, it doesn’t always negate the feeling of wanting a man that ensures they are taken care of when it comes to the minor and major things around the home and beyond.

Companionship, great conversation, and quality recreational activities factor big time into the happiness factor for relationships as well.

Because of all of these pressures imposed upon unions, it helps to have all of the technological advantages offered via apps during the Information Age in order to accomplish the emotional, physical and psychological wants of both men and women.

Therefore, while it may sound like a small and easy thing to download a free app that gets one of the major household tasks done with ease, it could end up being a decision that saves more than just your back muscles.