Stepmom Art is in the Eye of the Beholder


Caution: Stepmothers' Emotions May be Mixed, Shaken, or Stirred by this Exhibit

     One of the most unique things about stepmothers that I have ever seen on the internet is a website called, "The Other Mother." The website is dedicated to stepmoms "for all that you do...and have been put through..." by artist and stepmother Karen Piovaty.

     Karen warns viewers, "Enter with caution! The faint of heart need not apply to the world of stepmotherhood!" Admittedly, I have never studied art before. But, this exhibit is compelling.

     The pictures struck several chords in me, definitely evoked emotion, and really made me pause to think about my own experience as a stepmother. Then I began to think about the role of stepmoms in our society.

     Whether you are a stepmom or not, don't miss this exhibit. And, I highly recommend the accompanying essay, "Disturbing the Piece(s): Re-Viewing the Role of 'the Other Mother'" by Jane E. Hindman, Professor, Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies, San Diego State University.

     Love this art or hate it, but I'm sure many stepmoms will get it.