Sorry, Charlie! Two Step Goddesses Won't Work


Offering a reality check of Charlie Sheen's blended family

     Unless you live under a rock, you probably have heard about Charlie Sheen and his two goddesses. Let's pretend for a minute that he gets remarried to just one of the them. And, let's imagine that his fourth marriage succeeds for a while, despite the nearly 80% divorce rate for fourth marriages.

     If you are still playing along, let's get real now. What I want to know is:

1) How is Charlie ever going to keep track of all his kids during the holidays? Will he be able to get all of his loved ones around the Thanksgiving table at once?

2) What are the chances that he will have a family vacation with all of his children and two goddesses together? He got a little close to this scenario when he went to a tropical island recently with two of his children, two goddesses, and an ex-wife. But, some children and a couple of ex-wives weren't there.

3) What if one goddess wants to live in the tropics, and the other goddess wants to live in the city? And, it will get even more complicated if one of his ex-wives moves out of the country with their kids.

4) Will Charlie, the goddesses, and the ex-wives all fit in the car when it comes time to go to parent-teacher conferences? I can just picture them all sitting around the teacher in little chairs.

     Of course, blending finances and credit histories and estate planning may be easy because Charlie has made millions of dollars per week recently. But, I'd bet that he'll have a harder time helping his children find a birthday card that reads "To My Step Goddess" than I do helping my children find a greeting card that reads " To My Stepdad." In reality, all blended families have their challenges.

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