Love Online Could Be Just One Tweet Away

Love Online Could Be Just One Tweet Away

I came to this conclusion about a month ago when I was trying to help my brother get Twitter followers after joining the social networking service. I wanted to introduce him in a novel way, giving my friends a bit of his background – painting a picture of who he was with tweet after tweet.

Soon I was inundated with questions. Everything from situational things like “What would he do if he had 24 hours left in his life” to the most blunt, like “What is his shoe size?” There were soon so many questions I couldn’t keep up with them.

It only seemed natural to take what worked for him and apply it to my friends and clients.

Now every Wednesday for 60 minutes I introduce my Twitter Timeline to a new individual, giving out tidbits about their life, personality, hopes and dreams, painting a picture of who these people are and what they’re looking for in life and in a partner. My timeline (@OneDegreeFromMe) poses questions about the candidate and I answer them. At the end of the session I reveal a picture of the individual and open it up so followers can request to meet them. I then weed through those interested and select dates for the participant.

In less than a month, participants have started going on dates and meeting people, I’ve picked up hundreds of new followers on Twitter and I’m getting people talking positively about dating and romance.

On Matchmaker Wednesday’s we’re breaking stereotypes! The whole “no good man” myth is put to test and to rest one tweet at a time. I’ve had several people message to thank me for showing them “good guys” still exist. Of course we’re matching up people, so that's great, but what is actually the most important to me is that I see Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesday as an opportunity to teach. To help people better understand how to use social media to improve their relationship, the importance of early stage vetting and how certain questions can be used to familiarize yourself with someone. This is a critical step in the dating process and if done effectively will save you a lot of time, heartache, and possibly money.

So much of our lives are lived online. We shop online. We pay bills online. We get our news and information online. It’s how we stay in touch with our friends. It’s how we meet new people. Why not use a service like Twitter for dating?

It’s important that we live and use things in unconventional ways – especially when they are still new and evolving. I grew up on old school Hip Hop and I’ll never forget an interview I saw with a turntable manufacture complaining about how these “rap kids” were cutting records on his equipment. How he felt that wasn’t what turntables were made for. Now one of the few and most likely people to own turntables are hip hop aficionados and DJays.

All I’m doing is taking a popular social networking service and appropriating it to help people go from connecting online to IRL – in real life.

Social media can help bring us closer. It can make us more connected and Twitter can get you a date!