Why Women Need Great Sex To Be Wonderful Mothers


The link between God's love, parental love, and romantic love.

During a recent BlogTalkRadio program Oscar Miles and I discussed how God loves passionate sex. We talked about three of the reasons God wants us to enjoy passionate sex—all of them helping ensure women will be loving mothers—and spent time covering Isaiah 66:7-13.

Oscar gave a brief introduction to the background of these verses, then we talked about God’s metaphor of a loving mother to describe his own love for his people. Fascinating new medical research about hormones released during pregnancy, nursing, and lovemaking supports God's declaration about how his love for us mirrors the love of a wonderful mother.

God's genius shows in designing passionate lovemaking to ensure women rise to their full potential as loving mothers and to protect their children in the womb, while nursing and in growing up. Passionate lovemaking between fathers and mothers may affect mood swings during pregnancy and ease of delivery. It might even transform those teenage years into joy for everyone.

Simple Secret in the Song of Solomon Explodes a Wife's Desire and Pleasure

I've been studying the Song of Solomon for over 40 years, yet in the last few months in reading about the role of hormones in lovemaking, I  discovered that I missed the significance of a verse in this love triangle. Toward the end of the program, I explain how this simple expression of love ignites a wife's desire for passionate lovemaking.

Tune in and marvel with Oscar and I about how much God loves men and women in providing them with the hormones to help them both be their most loving selves.

Truly, God is great! He loves passionate sex so much that he spends more time talking about it in the Bible than any other area of marriage. In fact, in Prov. 30:18-19, God says the way of a man with a maid is his proudest creation. Not only that, God talks more about the joys of sex than he does about the negatives.

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