Christians, God Wants You To Have Great Sex!


Are you having sex the way God wants you to?

God created the embrace of love as a reward for both husbands and wives for treating each other right during the day. He wondrously designed the mind to be the most important organ of desire and pleasure. Once couples realize that their bodies' dulled responses come from bad attitudes and bitterness toward their mates or from not taking care of legitimate problems, sexual pleasure becomes a wonderful barometer of the health of the marriage.

It was ingenious on God's part to put strong sexual desires in both men and women to push them towards developing problem-solving skills to reap benefits in the bedroom for a lifetime. Raging hormones present a powerful motivator to keep working at a marriage and building a proper mental bond!

God dedicates more space in the Bible to discussing both the positive and the negative aspects of the sexual relationship than he devotes to subjection and leadership. Our timidness about this subject causes many Christians to emphasize the wrong part of marriage—subjection of the wife. If couples took care of their love relationship like God intended, then proper subjection and loving leadership would take care of themselves. Thus, God's wonderful barometer would keep the subjection and leadership balanced instead of becoming heavy handed.

It is so sad how Christians have misused God's intellectual property. The anger and frustration in many older couples' marriages testifies to their failure to build a satisfying emotional bond of love in each others' arms during the early years of their marriages, one that would sustain them in the later years when their bodies often fail them.

God's intellect designed lovemaking as a wonderful blessing for his people, one that we frequently miss. As a result, the world often looks on Christians in derision as inhibited, backwards creatures deserving of pity. Yet lovemaking originated within the mind of the God who created beautiful sunsets and undersea wonders.

How heinous that many Christians deprive the world of their example of the tremendous joy from marriages lived in obedience to ALL of God's laws. I believe that the blame for the moral decay of our hookup society can be laid at the feet of Christians who have failed to obey I Thess. 4:4-5: "…that each of you know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, not in lustful passion, like the Gentiles who do not know God…"

This passage cannot be obeyed with the simplistic statement, "I don't commit adultery or think improper thoughts." God commands more than half-truths from us. He admonishes us to "know how to possess our own vessels in sanctification and honor." In other words, we must complete the sentence with, "...and I enjoy lovemaking and use it to God's glory and the benefit of my marriage."

Read God's 4 Steps For Soulmating For A Lifetime Of Ravishing Lovemaking to see how much God cares that his people enjoy wonderful sex lives. Through each stage of a person's development, God provides just the right instruction—from teenagers through the temptation for middle-aged affairs.

Instead of pointing their fingers at us and laughing, Gentiles ought to be able to look at our love lives and say, "Wow! I want some of that! Tell me how to get it!" We ought to be teaching the world and our children the power of our brains over our sexual responses. If we take care of our minds, our bodies will take care of themselves in ways we never dreamed possible. Read "8 Reasons God Designed Sex for Christians" and be amazed at how much God loves us.

When you order God's People Make the Best Lovers and read it, you'll say, "It's true! God's people really do make the best lovers when they practice his laws of glorious lovemaking." Your love life will never be the same!


Why you SHOULD NOT read my book God's People Make the Best Lovers:

  • Not a sexually timid book
  • Plainly teaches women how to enjoy vaginal orgasms
  • Tells why a different woman every night can't satisfy a man's deepest needs
  • Not a quick, easy read
  • Most comprehensive material available explores over 400 scriptures
  • No proof-texting, but real study with word definitions
  • Not a warm, fuzzy, feel-good book
  • Credits God for designing the sexual relationship and knowing how it works best
  • Exposes sexually defrauding one's mate as sin that destroys the marriage
  • Not a quick fix, but an effective help
  • Based on God’s formula for solving all marriage problems in I Timothy 4:1-5
  • Gives homework to help readers make lasting changes in the bedroom

Who SHOULD study God's People Make the Best Lovers:

  • Those who want a better love life than the world offers
  • Those willing to learn from the Creator, who designed sunsets and undersea wonders
  • Those willing to practice speaking an incredible language of love that transcends spoken words
  • Those who want to say, "Wow! It's true! God's people really do make the best lovers!"
  • Male reader's feedback: "You get it. I’ve read lots of books and articles, and lots of authors get part of it. But you get the whole thing."

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