Years in Practice

25 years +


Calgary AB T3C 0A3 - Canada



Additional Expertise

Author, Energy Healer, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

Life is short, live it. Love is rare, hold onto it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish them.

About Patrishe Maxwell

Patrishe Maxwell is a Speaker, Writer and Transformational Coach located In Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Patrishe grew up in Ireland and was influenced by the Ancient Celtic culture. She has great intuition and vision that helps facilitate insight into what her clients most need to work on. 

She has a passion for working with people to bring them to a place of truth and confidence about the challenges they are facing by understanding the necessity of identifying sabotage patterns needing transformation, before successful change can occur.

Raised in Dublin, Ireland she attended a convent school and moved from there to Oxford to continue her education.

Her career has been rich and varied. She has held positions in Law, Financing and Venture Capital. She has also formed three businesses along the way. She is currently President of Legacy Coaching Inc. and in the process of writing her first book.

At the tender age of 37, while emptying the dishwasher, she heard an inner message.  “Give up everything and follow me.”

Surprised, she sat to see if anything else happened.

Nothing ‘til that evening and the dream of being handed a card that said, “You are Invited.”

It took a whole year for her to have the courage to do exactly that. She put everything in storage, got into her car and asked “Which Way?,” 

“South” was the response.

It was 40 below in Calgary that morning and her tires crunched noisily on the frozen snow.

At every province border, she asked the same question.

“South.” Was always the response. 

Her journey took her to Scottsdale, Arizona where for almost two years she was a student of the Universe. Her life was transformed in that time and a new way of living and creating emerged.

She learned:

  • No one else can do things for her.
  • She would be given guidance, but she would have to steer the ship
  • She was taught New principles for living, but had to apply them herself.
  • It was up to her to put in the effort.
  • Effort reaps reward and is well worth it.
  • If she wanted to create the life of her dreams, then she was going to have to take 100% responsibility for her life.
  • That meant giving up all excuses, all victim stories, all the reasons why she couldn’t and why she hadn’t up until now had a dream and a plan to execute it.
  • She had to give them all up forever.
  • She had to take the position that she had always had the power to make it different, to get it right, to produce the desired result.
  • In other words, connect with the field of Possibilities and learn its Laws

Her clients benefit from that journey and have had their lives changed in wonderful ways. They too are now Co-Creators with the field of Possibilities. Her coaching program is tailored to the specific need of each client.

You can contact her at patrishem@gmail.com or patrishe@telus.net or telephone 403-284-0929.