Empowering Women

Years in Practice

1-3 years


Reno NV 89511 - United States



Additional Expertise

Mentor, Sex Educator, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer, Wellness Coach



I Believe

I work with passionate women who want to triple their energy, clarity + stamina so they can get on with being the finely-tuned, spiritually aligned, powerhouses they are meant to be…and deliver the leadership the world craves!

About Chastity Thomason

I made the choice to quit my Corporate America job to pursue my dreams.

I truly stepped out on faith. Yes, indeed I lost everything or at least at that time I thought I lost everything.

In reality I was gaining more than I good ever imagine. I was gaining freedom, flexibility, a chance to fully live, and the opportunity to go after my dreams! I had entered into a season in my life were I had to make the choice to leave the nest.

I was being called to start making choices that really mattered the most to me. I chose to risk it all for the possibilities of making my dream a reality. My mind had hit a mental cliff and was challenged to face my fear of truly trusting the universe to provide all my needs if I would be so bold enough to follow what was planted in my heart and womb.

No matter if my friends and family did not agree with my choices. The universe was calling me to stand in my power and truth! Are you being called to stand in yours? More than likely if you are reading this then you are. I always had a passion for empowering women but, did not know to what extent and how I was going to do it. It now explains why I struggled so much in college to find a career that matched my vision within. At that time I was not aware that the universe was calling me to do something greater like become an entrepreneur.

Working for myself and believing in my dreams was not the dominate thoughts or ideas that my family or society  instilled in me. I also felt so misunderstood. I even thought that I was lazy because I had no desire to complete college. I felt guilty and ashamed because I was not taking the traditionally route. I know that you feel the same way.

I know there is this gut feeling in you that is pushing you to do what you were destined to do. To be unconventional! To be radical! To be courageous! To find your passion and become consumed by it even when you don’t have all the answers at that very moment.

When I decided to become consumed by my passion my whole life changed. I started living from my soul and the universe open to me on a whole new level. I started becoming more aware of the synchronicity that were all around me, but never noticed because fear had me blind. Does fear have you blind? Don’t worry we will take care of that together. You are not alone.

Once my eyes were awakened I was started being guided to the experiences, people, and books that I needed to go after my passion. My vision  started to unfold more and my vision started to get vivid.

Who would ever thought that I would have been guided to become an exotic dancer! Right! I thought the same thing too. I was so afraid especially because of the stigma associated with being a dancer. I decided to walk through the door no matter the ridicule and taboo.

The day I became an exotic dancer I started living from an authentic place. I kept being tested by the universe on how willing was I to trust the process even if it did not make since. My courage was being tested. Yes, you will be tested too! Its apart of the journey to uncover and explore the real you so know what you are truly passionate about.

How can you really know your passion if you are afraid to explore hidden aspects of you that have been dormant?

By becoming an exotic dancer it allowed me to see that one, my calling was to work with women two, to heal myself of ancestral and generational beliefs that were passed down about the naked body three, to fully embrace my sexuality and sensuality four, it allowed me to use exotic dance as an empowerment tool to build confidence five, it was my training wheels of learning how to truly work for myself.

I learned that you can’t allow other people experiences become yours no matter what path you are called to go in. Someone negative experiences can be positive and healing for another. It also can be a blessing in disguise. How bold are you to find out about uncovering your true passion? Are you willing to walk in the unknown to bring your passion to the world?

Exotic dance brought me closer to my inner self and also gave me insight on how I was to heal myself and other women.

As a result I gave birth to the Passionista, which is a sacred space for women to heal, assist in uprooting the weeds that are no longer serving you, plant new ideas in your beautiful minds, impregnant your womb with nutrition, and to inspire you to embrace your sexual self free of guilt and shame!

As a passionista I will give you the tools on how to become passionate about being the authentic you, I will give you tools on how to uncover your own passion, and tools on how to eliminate the fears of being sexual and full of passion.
My goal is to give you a tool box of things that can bring out the passionista in you!!

Passionistas Rock!!!!
"Look into the nature of desire, and there is b

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