Which Trigger Buttons do your Children Push to Make You Angry?


When children “push your buttons" they are actually helping you heal. What?! Find out why and how.

Your children probably have a way of “pushing your buttons,” even if it’s not their intention to do so (at least not at first). When they do, you probably get angry, even if you don’t show it.

How would you like to get rid of them!? No, not your children! The trigger buttons!

Look, your children didn’t create your trigger buttons, they just discovered them. So why get angry with them they push your buttons?! They got programmed in by your past experiences. (Watch a video that explains how: https://youtu.be/KemhyMLXZrY)

So if they got programmed in, they can get programmed out! I guess you could say your children are actually helping you by pushing your buttons!

W-H-A-T?!!? What kind of backwards nonsense is that!?

No nonsense at all! Your natural state is peace, calm and joy. Trigger buttons upset your natural state, so your mind and body want to get rid of them. So when these buttons get “triggered” it’s a reminder they are there and need healed (removed).


Now, imagine what your life would be like without them. No, not your children! Your triggers buttons!

Imagine being able to handle stress and misbehavior without getting angry and responding to it calmly, competently and confidently!

It’s possible, thanks to neuroplasticity, which is your ability to rewire your brain.

You can de-program trigger buttons caused by subconscious programming by becoming consciously aware of your beliefs and choosing healthier more accurate beliefs. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. You can’t just “stop playing” old beliefs; you need to replace the belief and understanding why that belief has value, so the mind accepts the new belief more than the old, ineffective beliefs.

De-programming triggers buttons caused by trauma also needs to address the “cellular memory.” This is how the memory got stored in the body, which is what creates physical reactions to the trauma memories, like panic attacks, visual flashbacks, nightmares, phobias, rashes, etc.

In the past, it could take months or years to deprogram both types of trigger buttons, if at all! Today, there are scientifically-proven-effective tools you can use to shortcut that process into minutes! Here are two techniques I use in my coaching practice and teach parents to use for themselves and their children:

  • LIIFT: Life Improving Internal Focus Technique. It's a simple, nonlinear, and self directed journey, guided by a healer or practitioner, to help you access your subconscious wisdom and weed out conflicting, self-defeating, or unhealthy beliefs.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique. It's an amazing one-minute tapping protocol that often instantaneously deprograms trauma, phobias, anxiety, and even chemical imbalances and physical ailments that are stress-related.

Both are able to help you quickly and simply heal trauma, without you having to remember or talk about any traumatic events!

If you'd like support in dumping the drama and de-programming your trigger buttons, so your children can't push your buttons, check out the video above and/or connect with me at the Conscious Parents Toolshop® to learn more.

This article was originally published at The Parents Toolshop blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.