You are Exactly Where You Should Be...NOW

Happy Lady

In our journey through life, it is important to take time to celebrate the NOW.

I am here.

I am right at the exact point I should be in my life.

For the amount of work I have done; I am right at the point in my life that reflects what I’ve earned.

For the amount of effort, why would I be further ahead or somewhere behind?

For the amount of learning, both from books, and from those mentors I’ve chosen to have around me, my level of knowledge and awareness is where it should be, to accomplish my intended goals.

For the time I have devoted to understanding and growing in my faith, my soul feels as healthy as it should be, for my current level of spiritual enlightenment.

For the amount of personal development and discipline I have incorporated into  my daily practices with my mind, body and spirit, I am in the image that I should be. Inside and out.

In our journey through life, it is important to take time to celebrate the NOW. To appreciate what we have accomplished…SO FAR.

Many times we get so caught up in looking forward to our intended ultimate goal, we miss the NOW; chasing what we WANT or more than we’ve earned…YET.

Sometimes we are so stuck on what hasn’t gone “right” in the past, we miss the NOW in fear that we will make the same mistakes, or worse yet…fail completely.

We forget that the JOURNEY takes TIME. Success is a progression that is not one BIG skyrocket to the moon. It’s a series of forward steps and backward steps. Some days one very baby step at a time. Some days one huge fall off of a cliff. Some days a big leap! Either way, where we are now, is important to acknowledge and accept.

Where we are is GOOD. It’s a true gage as to our effort, what we have earned, what we have learned, the discipline we have developed, what faith we have trusted, and the image we have created.

Stopping and measuring where we are at NOW…is critical.

If we never stop to look at the ground beneath our feet, how will we really appreciate the “success” when we have it? How will we appreciate where we’ve come from, or all the little “successes” and learning moments that have prepared us for the ultimate success?

We have to invest our time, learn, develop discipline, and move forward as we are prepared and ready to move.

Where we are is a reflection of what we have been willing and able to do…SO FAR. We have to look at it closely, honestly and objectively…If we want more, maybe we need to learn more, amp up the discipline, dig deeper in to our faith, try again, or push ourselves to the next level. By marking our current position…where we are NOW…we celebrate the strength and progress we’ve already gained to continue to move us forward.

It’s true…where we are is where we should be… it’s what we have earned, it is reflective of the effort we have made, the personal development and discipline we have grown into, the level of faith we have personally trusted in, and it is the image of ourselves, inside and out, that we have created.

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This article was originally published at Pamela Glowski's Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.