You Want To Do What At Your Wedding? Go For It!


Don't pay attention to how everybody else wants your wedding to be. It's your wedding, after all!

Are you having an upcoming wedding ceremony and want it to be memorable? My suggestion for you is to do what's in you and your fiancé's heart because it's your special day. When I lived in New Jersey, I used to do wedding ceremonies because I am an ordained interfaith minister. I would love to share with you three weddings that stand out from all the others. Read on to see what you can do to make your wedding extra memorable for you and your future spouse

The First Wedding

This was the second wedding for this sweet couple who both had adult children. They wanted to be married on a bridge where they had their first date and I agreed—it was a wonderful idea. I got there a little earlier and saw there was a lake with a beach.

When the groom arrived, he asked me, "Did you look at the bridge?" I hadn't, which turned out to be a bridge right out of an Indiana Jones movie! I moved gingerly across it. One of the sons started to swing the bridge. I firmly said, "Please stop! You don't want the Reverend to throw up."

One of my hands clung onto the bridge as I performed the ceremony. To my surprise, there was loud clapping from below when the bride and groom kissed. I looked behind and below me to see a crowd of beachgoers, who I did not notice because I was so focused on not letting my fear of the rickety bridge ruin the couple's special day.

Wedding Number Two

I didn't meet the couple until the day of the wedding. I did speak with the groom, and sent him ceremonies to choose from. They were an attractive couple who dressed nice but casual. The bride had on white slacks with a white top and I honestly forget what the groom wore. It was a short but sweet ceremony. Thank God, the guests respected my request (I am one of those ex-smokers who hates cigarettes) not to smoke when I performed the wedding. You see, it took place in a cigar bar!

Afterwards, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and was out of there when the first cigar was lit!

The Third Wedding

This was an emergency fill-in wedding that took place on a cold day in northwest New Jersey. The roads were plowed but there was plenty of snow elsewhere. I dressed in a white sweater, black slacks, and wore hiking boots in case I had to walk through snow. I put my jacket and high heels in a bag to change into once I got to their home. I felt bad not wearing a skirt, but the weather just didn't permit it. 

When I got to their house I was happy that I wore my hiking boots because the sidewalk had not been shoveled well and there was plenty of snow and ice to slip on. The groom answered the door dressed in a black T-shirt with silver studs that spelled out "Groom" and blue jeans. I walked into a smoky (yuck) and very warm home. It turned out that I was the most dressed up one there!

We waited in the kitchen for the bride and they offered me a beer. I'm a non-drinker and politely declined. I thought to myself that it was probably not a good idea to get the Reverend buzzed before the ceremony. I looked over to a cute homemade wedding cake. To my shock, instead of the usual bride and groom on top of the cake, there was a bride holding the shoulders of the groom who was trying to run away.

The bride walked in dressed in a white T-shirt with the word "Bride" in gold studs. She wore blue jeans with a white garter belt on the thigh and white slippers. I left shortly after the ceremony because I could not handle the smoke and made a note to myself to never forget to request that the wedding take place in a smoke-free atmosphere. Afterwards, they can do whatever they want.

But despite the smoke, what I like about all three ceremonies is the couples did it in a way that symbolizes their love, personalities, and styles. My hope is that you don't allow others to sway you from what your dream wedding is, no matter how outrageous it may seem to others. Although, in my opinion, having a center piece on top of a cake of a bride holding on to a groom running away is bad Juju!

Rev. Pamela Cummins no longer performs weddings. To learn more about what she does, visit

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