How to Be Happy? Use the Three F’s

Love, Self

The three F’s are the way to go if you want to become more positive, happier, and self-confident!

Everyone wants good loving, whether you are single, involved, or married. We all deserve a quality relationship and with the three F’s it is possible. By the way, the only four letter word I will be using is the Love word.

The First F is Focus

It is so important to focus on yourself. When I used to give readings on a well-known psychic line, there was a year where I felt I could have recorded, “Focus on yourself” and not have to give readings. I constantly got calls from mostly women and a few men with the following questions:

• When is he going to call?
• When are we going to go out?
• When will he commit?
• When is he going to open up to me with his thoughts and feelings?
• When are going to get married?

OK, so maybe when can be considered a bad four letter word!  The number one answer was to take the focus off of him and put it back on you.

We humans are made up of energy and we can always feel another’s person energy even if it is on a subconscious level. If you are constantly thinking and focusing on him, he feels it. Unfortunately, it feels very smothering to him and he wants to get away. When he pulls away it makes you want to pull closer and he pulls away again. This can become a vicious cycle.

Instead, take care of you and he will come back. Here is a great example with a woman I will call Betsy. Betsy has become frustrated with Todd because he promised to call. It has been three whole days and he still has not gotten in touch with her. She texted him twice but he didn’t respond. Betsy really wanted him to come to tonight’s party but it looks like she will have to go by herself. Fast forwarded, she is having a great time at the party catching up with friends, when she finds herself the only woman talking to two handsome men. Her cell phone rings and guess who it is? Todd of course. Is Todd psychic and knowing at that exact moment Betsy - aka his territory - was threaten?  Most likely not, but he did pick it up on a subconscious level.

How to you focus on yourself

• Everyone is brought on Earth to share their gifts, start sharing yours.

• If you don’t know what your gift is, it is time to start exploring. You can explore the internet, go back to school, or take a class on a subject that seems interesting to you. Volunteer work is a good way to see if something is right for you.

• The majority of the people know what their gift is, but they are just too afraid to admit it. Because they might fail, someone could criticize it (don’t worry somebody will), or how could they possibly make any money from it.  Do it anyway.

• Nobody living on this planet is perfect. If you were, you would not be on Earth but chilling out with God eating Bon Bon’s. We all have issues that need to be worked on. Whether that is anger issues, not knowing how to deal with other feelings, addictions, learning how to make boundaries, trust issues, whatever, it is important to seek help. Whether it is with me, another coach, therapist, clergy member, or support group.

• Another thing is to take care of your physical health. You may need to lose or gain weight, eat healthy and find a diet that is right for you because it varies for everyone. If you are physically able – exercise, shower, brush your teeth, and get enough sleep.

• Your relationship with God, Goddess, the Great I Am, or whatever you choose to call it is very important thing to focus on. If you are uncomfortable with the word prayer, try talking to that power greater than yourself. Get quiet, meditate, or listen to soft music to see if you get answers. Maybe you connect better through nature or doing something creative. Do whatever works for you.

• When you start focusing on yourself, you become ready for the next F.

This is part one of the three F’s. If you are dying to know what the other two F’s are and don’t want to wait, go to my website for the free class recording at or you could spend time focusing on yourself.