Supercharge 2010 by dreaming big

Every great intention, goal, or objective starts with a vision. It is that vision that supports us in getting from where we are to where we wish to be. Now is the time to create YOUR vision, to allow yourself to dream and dream BIG. Realize the sky is truly the limit; you can have what you want, you can be who you wish to be, and you can do whatever you feel super-charged to do.

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember that you have what it takes to make it all happen and here are some tips which will support you in getting started.


1) Get clear on what you truly want! In doing so, please make sure that this is your dream and not a dream that someone else created for you. Feel free to use the “ITWIW Filter” (ITWIW = Is this what I want?) by asking yourself the following question, “Is this something I want to have or something I should have?” If it’s a “should” chances are this dream is one that someone else created for you. Going after “shoulds” often creates room for failure rather than success; “shoulds” are very rarely aligned with what we want and most importantly who we are.

2) Resolve and remove whatever may stand in your way of making your dreams a reality. Ask yourself the following question, “What, if anything will stand in my way of dreaming big and making those dreams a reality?” Take stock of any limiting beliefs (i.e.“I could never have this”) and any tolerations (i.e. unfinished business, messy closet, etc.) that may get in your way and make a commit to removing them.

3) Powerfully share your dreams. When we share our dreams with others and from a place of conviction we are more likely to follow through with them. Sharing with others creates an accountability piece and accountability helps us to stay the course and remain motivated.

4) Detach from the outcome; which means once you are clear on what you want don’t focus on the finish line. Instead focus on being really present, in the here and the now. It is in the present moment when opportunities present themselves, ones that will support you in taking action towards your desired dreams.

5) Be willing to take action. When opportunities present themselves (which they will) and actions become apparent, take them. Just thinking about what you want won’t bring it to you; you have to be willing to take action to make your dreams a reality.


Think about a time when you had a really good dream, one in living color. How did it feel? Did you wake up feeling like whatever you dreamt really happened? When we dream and are able to do so in vivid color our dreams feel real. Your exercise for this week is to add color to your dreams and visions by creating your own vision/dream board. Vision/dream boards are a fun way to support you in manifesting your dreams and desires.

Why? It’s simple; because you will have a tangible visual reminder of what you truly want with the aid of beautiful pictures and fun sayings. There is something to be said for the motivation and inspiration that a vision/dream board creates. Have a great time with this exercise; enjoy picking out the pictures and constructing the sayings that represent your dream/vision.


1) Cork board or poster board

2) Glue and/or push pins

3) Magazines

4) Photos

5) Stickers (optional)


1) Get clear on what you want in your life in the near future, as well as the things that you currently have (i.e. family).

2) Find pictures and sayings that represent what you want. KEY: Make sure that the pictures and sayings make you feel good when you look at them.

3) Arrange the pictures and sayings on your board.

4) Once you have created a board that feels and looks appealing to you begin gluing or pinning the pictures and sayings in place.

5) VERY IMPORTANT: Place the board in a visible area where you will see it every day.

For more tips and exercises to supercharge 2010, check out this free 10 week ecourse;

Happy New Year!