Sexual peaks - have you had yours?

Sexual peaks - have you had yours?

Ah, sexual peaks…have you had yours yet?

A woman’s sexual peak is between the ages of 36 and 38, and a man’s is around the ages of 19 to 23 — so they say.

These myths have entrenched themselves in our culture, but where’s the scientific proof?

Dr. David Schnarch shares in his book Passionate Marriage:
“Most textbooks on human sexuality, adolescent development, and family life teach that men reach their sexual prime before they even hit their twenties. Women supposedly reach their prime several years later…and therein lies our problem. Health-care providers make the same mistake as the rest of us: We’ve confused genital prime with sexual prime.”

(Genital prime occurs at the height of fertility and when a person has fully developed sexual organs – around adolescence and shortly after for both men and women.)

Don’t let the sexual peak myth or your birth certificate define your sexu­ality. Your sexual experience is yours to create at any age, and it will have many peaks and valleys. A peak may be experienced during a deeply loving relationship, or when you are with a partner who is passionate about foreplay, or one who is into tantra, or when you’ve moved past a cloud of depression.

And, just maybe your *14er is yet to come… Do you see another peak over your horizon?

*14er – it’s a Colorado thing.