Sacred sexuality unraveled


Sacred sexuality can transform you, your life experiences, and your relationships. I’ll tell you how

Does the term sacred sexuality intrigue you? Are you open to inviting rituals, new techniques and a spiritual practice into your sex and love life?

Sacred sexuality can transform you, your life experiences, and your relationships. I’ll tell you how:

The good news is:
You can enjoy sacred sexuality on any level of experience and dedication, and all rituals, techniques and exercises can be modified for solo practice or same sex couples. Select those that you enjoy and weave them into your current lovemaking practice. You will experience a deeper richness of life, health, and appreciation of yourself and others.

Sacred sexuality is a 5,000 year old tradition with roots in various cultures. Tantra is from the Hindu culture, Taoism is from the Chinese culture and the Native American practice is Quodoushka. The Kama Sutra, a document legendary for its illustrations, originated in India during the fourth century C.E. All paths practice sexuality as a conscious meditation, a gentle flowing together of mind, erotic body and spirit, and all paths celebrate the union of masculine and feminine energies.

The sacred sexual journey starts in your own Heart as you are guided in your healing to embrace self-love and authenticity. Your heart expansion deepens your current relationships and is a powerful magnet for attracting others. You will become more empathetic and less judgmental. You will acknowledge your connection with all beings and welcome the love that the Universe has waiting.

If you are currently practicing ‘conscious lovemaking,’ you are likely incorporating some basic sacred sexual techniques. Some lovers practice a more attentive, conscious, slower paced version of ‘regular sex’ adding sacred sexual techniques such as eye gazing and partner breathing.

More dedicated practitioners incorporate many of the traditional rituals, exercises and positions that stimulate a heightened state of bliss. The techniques may include conscious breathing, sound, movement, massage and meditation. Sensuality is used to expand and moderate sexual pleasure and more prolonged lovemaking sessions are common. Additional techniques assist in retaining and recirculating sexual energy allowing for ejaculatory choice and full body orgasms for men and multiple/full body orgasms and ejaculations for women.

More good news:
Sacred sexual philosophy is non-judgmental, accepting of all experiences. Every experience, including lack of arousal, is viewed as an opportunity for growth; nothing is judged as negative. Practitioners learn to trust the wisdom of their body and do not forcibly try to re-direct their experiences.

And the best news is:
A sacred sexual practice can deepen and prolong your relationships, as love and sexual passion are heightened and sustained.

Can you remember falling in love with the partner of your dreams? You were on Cloud 9 - energized, sexually supercharged. You had ‘chemistry’ which typically fades when familiarity sets in - usually between 3 weeks and 3 months. Sacred sexual practice is one path to transform that chemistry into ‘alchemy’ – a deep, rich, mind, body, spirit connection which actually strengthens as the years pass. Sacred sexuality also enables practitioners to develop alchemy with a partner with whom there was not that initial chemical high.

As an energetic art, sacred sexuality creates balance – within each partner, within the lovemaking, and within the relationship. Your subtle (energy) body will become clear providing an unobstructed pathway for sexual energy. Both the feminine and masculine energies are accessed, experienced, and freely shared. Men often become more comfortable receiving pleasure and women may become more adventurous and initiating.

Focus on performance or orgasm as a goal hinders your bliss potential. In contrast, sacred sexuality encourages you to enjoy the journey. Bodies are gently nudged into a ‘being’ rather than a ‘doing’ state. If you currently practice yoga or meditation, you are probably familiar with floating into relaxation and reaching inner consciousness – significant building blocks for a sacred sexual practice.

The ancient tradition of sacred sexuality flourishes today. There are many schools, many teachers and many interpretations. I honor all paths of integrity and invite you to explore and embrace what resonates with you. Information and experience can be obtained from books, videos, the internet, workshops, and from private sessions personalized for individuals and couples.

Wishing you bountiful bliss!