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Oil coated? Get clean and find your joy!

Oil coated? Get clean and find your joy!

Visions of oil coated pelicans are stuck in my brain (although it feels more like they are stuck in my heart). When things get stuck, I know there's a reason, and often there's a story:

Is it painful for you to look those news reports of oil coated pelicans? I hope so. Apart from the damage and destruction of beautiful creatures, I am seeing another layer.

This magnificent pouch-billed bird can fly very high, very low, and when he chooses, very fast. He grabs the thermals [read: goes with the flow], and has great stamina.

But not now. He is coated in thick sludge, grounded and tethered by the muck. He can no longer soar. He can no longer achieve his personal mission, and he has lost his role in the greater scheme of things. He can no longer BE with joy.

Are you also covered in sludge? I think we all are - to some degree. Our personal muck is a concoction of all those things that hold us back - from our goals and from our joys. Our ingredients list contains those shadow traits that we hide from the world, or more accurately, try to hide from the world. The truth is - they are visible to all. Just like on this damaged, pathetic pelican, muck shows.

What is it that you need to do to get clean and clear? If nothing comes to mind, consider those admirable traits such as honesty, integrity, accountability. Where's your muck? Do you see it now? Are you willing to clean it up? Try it and I bet you will find your relationships more satisfying, your work flowing smoothly, your health improving, and your joy returning.

It's really all about you, so forget the finger pointing and grabbing for others to 'fix' your life. The more self-focus you have, the sooner you will be soaring with joy.

If your life is tainted with dishonesty (secrets, manipulation, posturing, half-truths, disloyalties, or subterfuge) or with a lack of integrity, you are expending a tremendous amount of negative energy. You are traipsing in the muck. How depleting! I challenge you to get clean and grab that life of your dreams. Nothing is in your way but YOU!