Men are turned-off by tears


Find your words - speak your truth.

I’m not happy about this:
A team of Israeli scientists decided to find out if a woman’s emotional tears have a measurable effect on men. And it sure does, but not the way one might think. The study results indicate that men are not prone to empathy when witnessing a woman’s emotional tears.

Further, men are turned-off. And I’m not talkin’ - ‘Oh, I hate it when she cries. I just don’t know what to do or how to fix her’ - kind of ’turned-off.’ Men actually experience a drop in testosterone, hence libido.

Why I’m not happy about this:
Women may be prone to tears at times, for sure. It’s their nature. And sometimes it is a challenge for them to find their words and speak their truths – hiding their emotions, while cautiously tip-toeing on eggshells to boot!

I honor those women who have found their cojones or ‘done their work’ and freely share their feelings with their men. Speaking up, regardless of the anticipated response, is an act that shows self-respect and *relationship respect.

Kudos to the courageous women who have chosen to stride with determination…and grace…over eggshells or not, toward truth and intimacy.

*Keep speaking your truth and asking for what you want in your relationship, or YOU will be sabotaging the intimacy potential.

I sincerely hope that the results of this study do not in any way sway women from emotional authenticity. Let the tears fall where they may!

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Here’s the full scoop from NPR.