HOT SEX TIP - Warm Feet And Orgasms

HOT SEX TIP - Warm feet and orgasms

Did you know… Women are more likely to orgasm if their feet are warm. Scientists from the University of Groningen say that a woman will be 30% more likely to have an orgasm if her feet are warm. As a woman I can attest: Cold feet in bed are a distraction and warmed feet are a luxury.

So men, think about -

• massaging your partner’s feet with warm oil as part of your foreplay

• cozying her feet in a heated microwaveable massage wrap

• pre-heat her foot of the bed with the heating pad.

• or surprise her with a new ’sex toy’ – a pair of those soft and warm microfiber fuzzy socks.

There’s another aspect that’s even more significant than any of these suggestions: When you pamper your lover it opens her heart deepening the emotional intimacy, which allows her to relax more into her sexuality. But, here’s the thing: When you routinely pamper her in the same ways, it becomes more ‘routine’ and less ‘pampering.’

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So, get creative. Think about what else would add to her comfort and enjoyment: a new scented massage lotion, fur mitten, relaxing music, a fuzzy throw, warmed room, decadent chocolate snack… And, when you routinely pamper her in new, innovative ways, anticipation is added to the mix – a super aphrodisiac!

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