HOT SEX TIP - Pleasure, Peak and Play

HOT SEX TIP - Pleasure, Peak and Play

Are you concerned about your erections?

Do you want to last longer?

How about some erotic partner play?

My *Pleasure, Peak and Play practice helps you to become more aware of your arousal process and potential, and is a beneficial practice for erection and early ejaculation issues. When you are more in touch with your arousal level, you will gain the ability to moderate and last longer. Performance anxiety will lessen as you become more comfortable with an erection that comes and goes – and your ability to make that happen. *Try saying it fast and you will know why I call this the ‘P, P and P practice.’

Here’s the plan: On a scale of 1 – 10, let’s make 9 the ‘Oh my God, I’m going to come’ stage (the point of ejaculatory inevitability).

1) Practice reaching a level of 8.5 and then backing off. As you increase and decrease your arousal, be aware of where you are on that 1 – 10 scale. Counting out loud is not required.

2) Breathe deeply and slowly as you decrease your arousal level, and deeply but faster as you increase your arousal.

3) Repeat the increase-decrease process several times as you maintain that peak for longer periods.

4) Then give yourself permission to release, and as you release – emote. Reach down into your gut and grab hold of that sound you’ve been avoiding – the one that isn’t ’suitable for polite company.’ Make it guttural. Make it primal. And make it loud.

Play time: When you masturbate, incorporate this routine to get the hang of it. Then invite your lover to play with you. Practice a bit initially and when you are both ready, add some playthings: feather, vibrator, ice cubes (very effective for reducing arousal), warm wrap, blindfolds, handcuffs, warming genital lube, and maybe add some feet-phallus massage or fellatio.


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