Got sexuality?


To be a healthy, complete person we must learn to experience our sexuality without shame.

Once again, I disagree with Webster.
He states that sexuality is ‘an involvement in sexual activity.’ In my book, sexuality encompasses much more and can be experienced with or without sexual activity. It can include many mental and physical activities that create sexual delight – a flirting gaze, an intimate conversation, a dance, a hug.

Sexuality ignites our imagination and sparks our creative self. It produces charisma, passion and power. It brings openness to life and puts a bounce in our step. Are you with me?

My dictionary states that sensuality is the cornerstone for sexuality and it can engage more than our five senses. Let’s add awareness and intuition. Now our creativity becomes ignited and passion and awe emerge.

When we are fully present, any activity can become a sensual one.

Reach out and touch someone. Every day. We are all born with an intense skin hunger. There are numerous studies on the power of touch so I’ll summarize: touching promotes a healthy mind, body and soul. And it’s free!

How’s your level of openness? Are you defensive, cynical? Have you noticed a lack of heart-connection in your life? A lack of creativity? The absence of love, touch and sexuality can cause people to ‘numb out’ and defend themselves as being ‘just fine.’ Medical and psychological research tells us there is a better way.

To be a healthy, complete person we must learn to experience our sexuality without shame, fear or embarrassment, and without a partner. I challenge you to get naked and explore every inch of your magnificent body. Honor it, claim it, fine-tune it. Guide it to that blissful place where you feel totally alive. Self-pleasuring is a wondrous celebration. Only in fully claiming your body can you then truly share it as a gift with another – if and when you desire.

Inviting sensuality and sexuality into your life creates heart expansion. And watch out because the heart has no space perception. You may find yourself noticing the good in people, rather than their flaws. Strangers may smile at you; butterflies may tail you; stray dogs may follow you home. Peace, flow and wisdom will settle in and multiply.

Today’s culture offers many varied options for experiencing our sexuality. Some pleasure sharers engage sexually without emotional dependence. Their ingredients are caring, trust, respect - and hopefully safe sex practices. Others practice inclusive and expansive sexuality. As an alternative to intercourse, some lovers practice erotic massage, which is an excellent way to help a partner experience extended, multiple or full body orgasms.

Our most ecstatic sex occurs when our body and heart merge with our soul to achieve a powerful connection to ourselves, our partner, and our Creator.

When we allow ourselves to sink deeply into that state of peace and release all those goal-oriented notions (you know the ones), waves of ecstasy can ripple through and transport us to a place of connectedness with all there is. We call this experience Sacred Sexuality.

How do you invite sensuality and sexuality into your life?