GET INTIMATE! Share a 'love cave'

GET INTIMATE! Share a 'love cave'

Remember when you were a kid playing in the yard - did you throw an old sheet over the picnic table to make your clubhouse, or turn a big cardboard box into a secret hideaway for you and your best friend? Blocking out the world – what fun it was! Empowering, too.

I hope you still block out the world from time to time. Maybe your home office offers solace, or your workshop may be your ‘cave.’

How about creating a ‘love cave’ for you and your partner? Now, you needn’t drag out an old sheet, or that packing carton from the garage (*) - a ‘virtual cave’ will work just fine. Invite your lover and un-invite the rest of the world. No children, no cells, no TV, no pets, just your lover and you. Intimate time.

So, what do two intelligent and sane adults do while hiding out in a cave? I’ve got some great ideas:

1) Lie side by side, look into each other’s eyes, and just BE.
2) Share some intimate conversation/feelings – fears, desires, hopes for the future - as quietly as possible (whisper!).
3) Share non-sexual touch, like a head or foot massage, or shoulder rub.

Basically, keep it simple, gentle, and quiet.

Sharing a ‘love cave’ with your partner shows your love and respect. Do it often, nightly if possible.

(*) …although I think that would be a hoot, and may cause your lover to fall (even more) madly in love with you.