Foreplay - The Yang Way


Yin and Yang

There is a belief in many Eastern cultures that male and female energies run opposite each other. According to the Taoists energy system, yang is the masculine or active energy and yin is the female or receptive energy. The male pulls his sexual and life energy (yang) up from his feet, through his genitals and into his heart, whereas the woman’s energy (yin) starts from the top of her head, through her heart and then into her genitals. The result of these opposing energy systems is – the woman needs a heart connection before she desires sex and the man needs sex before he can feel a heart connection. Are you ready to allow your energy systems to harmonize and balance as they open the door for incredible bliss?

Another perspective on yin-yang energy is viewing it as the union of opposites. No biological system is entirely yin or yang and no person is entirely masculine or feminine. Following this concept, your yin-yang relationship will be influenced by your chosen techniques and sexual positions used in your dance of energies. This is not a “War of the Sexes,” but rather an opportunity for you and your partner to expand and become more balanced energetically as you both embrace your yin and yang.

Foreplay the Yang Way

Sacred sexual exercises that involve Firebreath and PC squeezes will assist you in connecting your energy bodies, rather than just your physical bodies. Firebreath clears obstructions in your chakra system as it brings balance and provides a clear pathway for your energy to spread throughout your body. Adding PC muscle squeezes ignites your erotic energy and your breathing transports that energy throughout the body. Chakras are very sensitive to sound vibrations, so open your throat chakra and let the sound flow. This practice can be very energetic and arousing.

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