Are you a 'default woman'?


A 'default woman' is always available when there is nothing better.

I was thinking about the plight and sadness of the 'default woman' today.
Then I thought to compose a definition.


A default woman prides herself in the depth of her love and the strength of her commitment to the man of her dreams, although her position is consistently ‘backseat’ and ’second best.’ She is the woman who is always available when there is nothing better.

The default woman is adept at posturing and jumping at opportunities. She delights in crumbs. She plays her cards with precision (the nostalgia card, the family card…), while holding tightly to all the reasons/proof why he should be with her.

The default woman is oblivious to the reality that her eagerness to accept this demeaning role causes others to diminish her also; or that if she were able to cherish herself, she would be unveiling her value for the world to see.