How To Be Confident In Your Beauty


You are the most important love of your life. How can you cultivate your love for yourself?

I realized recently that I am an expert in beauty. I feel shy even writing that. Isn't that silly? I think I am shy because it is considered vain to be preoccupied with beauty. But the beauty that I have unveiled is beauty that radiates from within. I am not saying that I am perfect and the beauty that I have or have not is a pure reflection of my inside. But this meaning is profound. Your inner biological health is directly related to your outer reflection of beauty. Your mental well being is also reflected in expressions and reflections of beauty seen from the outside.

Beauty is sought after from men and women alike, by children and the elderly. Beauty is all around us. Many of us appreciate it and sometimes we are jealous of it. Beauty takes on many shapes and sizes and is a perception, and this perception is affected by culture and how we're brought up and by the media and what it is propagating.

Beauty is important though, and I want to dive into this topic with you all on multiple levels.

Some of us had beauty all of our lives: we were beautiful children, grew into popular young adults, and have had beauty into adulthood. Or perhaps we understood at a young age that beauty was not outward. Others of us were awkward as kids or overweight and left out, never feeing loved, accepted, or beautiful. I was in the latter. I was an overweight child with the nick name, "fatso" and was upset and sick most of my childhood. It could not have been expected that I would turn into a plus size Ford model and discover where beauty comes from along a journey from the inside out. For this is what I uncovered, beauty comes from the inside out in all ways: mentally, psychologically, biologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How does beauty show up for you? Where does it come from? When in your life did you experience it about yourself? Can you see the beauty in yourself? How does the beauty you see in you differ from the beauty others see in you?

My intention is to have this conversation be a dialogue, not a monologue. I am looking for cues and clues as to what topics are relevant for you in the discussion and revelation around beauty. Please comment and share so that we may unveil what is there to be seen.

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This article was originally published at Helene's Kitchen. Reprinted with permission from the author.