Leaving an Abusive Relationship: Tools for the Journey

Heartbreak, Self

The days, weeks and months after deciding to leave an abusive relationship can be challenging.

My last post about domestic violence discussed the importance of staying safe and realizing the impact technology can play in the lives of victims. But what if you have decided to leave? 

It is not just the harrowing decision to leave that becomes challenging, but the emotional battlefield you find yourself on once the decision is made. The important kudo is that you know you must leave or you already have left. Making that decision is the most important self-nurturing decision you can make.

Victims decide to leave for many reasons and in many ways. Some find support in the community, famly or friends and others find support online. Some victims may have to seek shelter and relocate to stay safe. What remains paramount is learning new tools to place in your life toolbox so that you can emerge feeling free and loving yourself

Tending Your Garden: A Workbook for Women by Mary Kay Wyzlik  is a great workbook for getting in touch with you again and determining what your next steps are. Written by a survivor of domestic violence, Mary Kay Wyzlik speaks from a gentle and loving place, guiding the reader from fragility to a future of possibilities. 

The workbook is offered through us at Online Therapy Institute as a download and through Amazon as a paperback. We do caution that whichever you purchase, be sure to keep the workbook safe and private. It is for your eyes only.

The goal in offering this workbook is to make whatever dent we can in the aftermath of domestic violence. Bringing victims from tragedy to hope is one way to do just that! 


DeeAnna Nagel, Co-Founder, Online Therapy Institute