I don’t have a college degree. Can I be a Coach?


Many people have great skills that can be developed into a coach career! How about YOU?

I don’t have a college degree. Can I be a Certified Professional Coach?


Our coach certification program offers the foundation you need with a tried and true curriculum jointly developed by Online Coach Institute and Grow Training Institute.  In our coach program you learn about motivating clients toward goals, how to work ethically, how to coach in the business world and how to market your coach practice. That is your foundation.

What sets our coach program apart?,

We also offer you the skills you need to deliver services online so that you can meet your clients where they are at. You are no longer stuck with just in-person or phone meetings. With our training you will be able to grow your practice by offering your clients online options via email, chat, webinar and/or video. That gives you the edge in this marketplace.,

If I don’t have a college degree, what are the requirements to enter your coach program?

If you have work experience and/or any college courses you may qualify.  Generally we require 10 years work/college experience to qualify.  For instance, you may have taken 2 years of college courses and quit to go back to work.  Each year of full-time college equals 2 years of work experience. So if you have 2 years of college and you have been in the workplace for 2 years, you qualify.

Our goal is to prepare you properly for a career in coaching. While the coaching profession is not regulated and training is not required, a solid foundation of core classes at a reasonable cost can make a world of difference.,

Once you have trained at Online Coach Institute you are forever supported.

When you enroll at OCI, whether you take one course or several, you will always have access to our student forum to ask questions and discuss practice management and work strategies.  If you enroll in our Certified Professional Coach Program you will have access to our Supervision for Online Coaches Forum during the Program and beyond so that you are well supported throughout your career.

Consider a new career direction today!  Find out more!


This article was originally published at Online Therapy Institute . Reprinted with permission from the author.