Enhance your Intuitive Skills and Expand Your Career!

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If you are an intuitive, an empath, a healer- take your talents online and help others!

Are you an empath or an intuitive? Are you a healer that uses intuitive skills you have developed and honed over the years?  Perhaps you are a Reiki practitioner or use astrology to help guide others. Whatever your healing art, if you use intuition and you are on the internet, you know that cyberspace does not confine intuition.

Many people in the healing arts who work online report that their intutive skills work just as well from a distance as in-person. If this sounds like an experience you have had, you might consider enhancing your skills specifically within the culture of cyberspace and expand your practice online.

Online Therapy Institute/Online Coach Institute offers a Specialist Certificate in Cyberculture- Intuitive Studies Track. This is an intensive 60-hour program that teaches you about the ethics of using your intuitive skills from a distance and gives you foundational information about  the digital culture you will be working in. If this information sounds appealing, read about our program here: 


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