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Business Coach, Divorce Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Educator, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach

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"We believe in a humanistic approach to psychotherapy - one that emphasizes the good in all of us."     ~Nicholas Baldo & Michelle D'Avolio

About Michelle D'Avolio & Nicholas Baldo

We believe in a humanistic approach - one that emphasizes the good in all of us. For over 25 years, we have helped people like you gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater ease navigating life. Our compassionate psychotherapy and life coaching is for people who wish to inquire more deeply into themselves. People who seek to improve the quality of their relationships at home, with friends, or at work. If you hunger for a realistic and truthful perspective for better mastery over your choices, responses, and life decisions, you will benefit from our counseling and life coaching services.

We help you to challenge inhibiting beliefs, feelings, and behaviors and impart powerful relationship building and communication tools that will serve you throughout life. A confidential exploratory interview at no charge will show you how our approach has helped hundreds of people improve the quality of their lives.

Interviewing us in person or over the phone will provide you with the necessary information that you require to make an informed decision. We offer both a male and female therapist/life coach depending upon  your personal preference. You can call either Michelle D'Avolio or Nicholas Baldo at 781-246-3388 to set up a complimentary interview. That would give you the adequate time and opportunity to find out about our background, approach and other important questions you might have about the process we use.To arrange a time, feel free to call us or send us an email. We look forward to speaking with you.



Michelle D'Avolio & Nicholas Baldo Success Stories

Making The Transition From Guest Worker To Returning Professional

Men dealing with work related stress

A guest worker, who had spent ten years in the United States, wanted to apply his talents and experience back in his country of origin. Working with us helped the client define the values, personal and professional, that charged him most. Coaching also enabled him to identify the traditional roles that had stood in the way of his happiness prior to his stay the US. He learned strategies that helped him succeed in redefining the expectations of his family and find rewarding work at a company that created a unique position for his talents.

"You are a master motivator! All in all...it has been fantastic! Thanks for helping me guide myself every step of the way!"

- Bahar

An Executive Seeks To Increase Their Effectiveness & Influence


A top executive was frustrated by the inability to retain talented professionals. Life coaching helped this client understand that the problem was a management style that emphasized managing and controlling others. The life coach enabled the client to create a new definition of leadership based on influence rather than control. The result was improved retention of talent and higher productivity.

"I wish we had met many years ago, so that I could have applied the tools that I am currently using. Your help with me becoming more aware of how I impact others around me helped me change course for the better, and resulted in better effectiveness."

- William

Breaking Behavior Patterns That Jeopardized Past Relationships

Engaged couples

Working with the couples counselor helped this pre-marital couple understand the self-defeating behaviors that had jeopardized their previous relationships. The relationship counselor showed them new behaviors for expressing needs, solving problems and bringing their feelings to the surface.

"We wanted to sincerely thank you for shedding new light on how we each influence our relationship. Applying our new tools has resulted in a connection between us that we never had before."

- Roger & Jessica

Redefining Professional Responsibilities For A Much Happier Life

Women dealing with work related stress

A medical professional generated the lion's share of income for the partnership, but found that the overwhelming caseload led to reduced job satisfaction and strained family relationships. We helped this client explore the sources of their dissatisfaction and identify ways to redefine their responsibilities at work and at home. The resulting changes led the client to a happier, more satisfying professional and personal life.

"Thank you so much for having such a profound impact on improving the quality of my everyday life. I cannot think of where I would be now if I had continued on the unhealthy path that I was on before working with you."

- Carolyn

Beating Boredom And Beginning A New Business Venture

Men dealing with work related stress

After founding and managing a successful company, this client was bored and seeking a new challenge. The life coach worked with him to identify what had been truly satisfying about starting the company as well as the causes of boredom. The coach helped this client focus on new business opportunities that would engage and maintain his enthusiasm.

"I realize that without your help I would have been discouraged by making less money at the beginning of my current venture. With your support for my passion for what charges me, I have influenced potential clients so that we are currently growing exponentially."

- Jon

Resolving Conflicts And Creating A More Harmonious Relationship

Couples in crisis

A couple's relationship was in crisis caused by difficulties in resolving conflicts. One of our couples counselors showed them how to establish a safe, collaborative and mutually respectful process for working on conflict resolution. This helped the couple focus their energies on attacking the conflicts rather than each other.

"We were recently talking about how lucky we were to find someone so supportive as you with such valuable insight. Both of us discovered what it takes to rebuild our relationship. We continue to apply your strategies every day and have been so very happy."

- Anthony & Suzanne

Transitioning From Empty-Nester To A New And Satisfying Life

Women dealing with stress

After the last child left home, this empty-nester felt that she was facing the unknown. The therapist helped her identify the components of parenting (and in her life prior to parenting) that had given her the most personal satisfaction. Working with the therapist, she explored new interests and activities which would provide similarly satisfying experiences.

"You are a skilled teacher and an empathetic soul. I consider myself lucky to work with you in making this transition that was so provocative to me before I met you."

- Robin

Root Causes Of Job Dissatisfaction & Finding New Direction

Men dealing with work related stress

The life coach helped this client understand how changes in his personal values had led to unhappiness in his current career. Working with the coach enabled him to identify a more satisfying career path and create a plan for pursuing new opportunities.

"Thanks for so much for helping me to establish my values framework for evaluating the best job fit for me, personally. I feel better knowing that there are other very valuable criteria besides monetary compensation alone."

- George

Easing The Transition After The Breakup Of A Long Term Relationsh

Women seeking to start over in a relationship

The client had just ended a long term relationship. She was distraught and unsure of how to move forward. A therapist at North Suburban Counseling worked with her individually to inventory her contributions to the relationship, both positive and negative. The therapist also showed her alternative relationship strategies that could contribute to her success in a future relationship.

"Your compassionate and empathetic treatment of me facilitated exploring aspects of the relationship I'd been totally unaware of. Thank you for the increased awareness and tools that I am very motivated to use in my next relationship."

Avoiding Burnout By Setting Boundaries And Finding Balance

Men dealing with stress

An excessive number of commitments made this middle aged client feel as if he was constantly on the verge of a meltdown. Our individual psychotherapy helped him understand the importance of setting boundaries and clarifying what others could expect from him. The therapist also helped him identify and allocate time for recharging activities.

"I really appreciate your support and encouragement to achieve better personal balance for myself. I was not aware of my power to regain the time I needed to make myself happy in so many other areas."  

- Davidmore


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