Eat For Health

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Eat For Health

Are you sabotaging your health?

Eighty percent of all food sold in this country is junk and poison. Added sugar, trans-fats, fructose, refined, altered, substitutes, and MSG are, at best, junk.

Pure poison is all herbicides, pesticides, aluminum, glyphosate, and arsenic. Wheat is the single greatest toxic, poisoned food, loaded with glyphosate.

With 70 percent of Americans overweight, it is obvious that we are not deficient in calories! The real problem is junk food.

Junk food started with sugar, not at all a food. In fact, it is the original fake food, totally deficient in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals!

Harvard’s Fred Stare was one of the "dealers" who pushed sugar as a food for decades. His influence alone has probably created more deaths than any other so-called nutritionist.

Next came "processed", which is a synonym for more artificial, junk, neutered, altered junk. Trans-fats were another of the great stupidities of modern medicine, which pushed butter off the shelves to promote margarine which is beyond marginal in danger.

We cannot metabolize trans-fats, so the junk just gets deposited in the body. Monosodium glutamate is an addicting, brain-damaging chemical that provides "taste enhancement", but only harm. A huge percentage of canned and packaged food, as well as the greatest junk "fast food" industry adds MSG.

Forty-five percent of all food consumed in this country is from McDonald’s and its clones. I’d rather starve than eat at any of these junk monsters. More or last finally, 60 percent of all food sold in grocery stores is packaged junk! That includes bread, cereals, and snack foods.

And of course, your USDA and FDA have been pawns and accomplices in the deterioration of our food supply, working in cahoots with the greatest chemical poisoners of all, especially MonSatan which has murdered wheat and many other foods with RoundUp®. In fact, of the top 100 food manufacturers there is not one I can recommend.

The United States population is at a record high of having sixty-seven percent of people overweight, and obesity at over thirty-three percent. Rates of childhood obesity are also at an all-time high.

Many people, including healthcare professionals, are not necessarily aware that despite the high caloric content of the food we eat, there are many common deficiencies of Vitamins and Minerals, probably because the widespread toxicity of the environment has increased essentials.

Poor health habits — sedentary lifestyle, high-stress levels, and excessive use of alcohol, smoking, and other substances — appear to be major contributors to at least 85 percent of the major diseases affecting Americans. In fact, Dr. John Knowles wrote that 99 percent of people are born healthy and become unhealthy because of human misbehavior!

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Unless you are raising your own food, it is almost impossible to know what to buy. Learn how to eat healthy by doing these for a start:

  • Avoid all fast food slop houses and almost all packaged food on the center aisles of stores.
  • Buy the best fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts you can find. Starchy veggies are not needed, but sweet potatoes are the best of that category.
  • If you can find a farmers’ market, buy meat there. Get the best fish possible.
  • For most people milk, cheese and eggs are fine. PLAIN yogurt, especially Greek, is great.
  • Coffee or tea up to 3 cups a day is fine.
  • Smoothies, especially with whey protein isolate and fruits and veggies are super.
  • Dark chocolate, up to one ounce a day is fine.
  • Have breakfast every day; easiest is a smoothie with whey protein isolate and dried or fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Use no artificial sweeteners!
  • NON-CHLORINATED, NON-FLUORIDATED water is essential, averaging one-half ounce for every pound of weight.

Also, add these vitamins to your daily diet:

  • B complex, 25 to 50 mg
  • Vitamin D3, 5000 unit daily
  • K 2, 100 micrograms and up to 15 mg if you have any significant illness
  • 2000 mg of vitamin C
  • Astaxanthin, 20 mg
  • Vitamin E 400, units

Don’t forget exercise, second only to food and sleep. Follow this advice and you can't go wrong!

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C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, renowned author is an American neurosurgeon and a pioneer in pain medicine. His latest book “Conversations with G – A Physician’s Encounter with Heaven” is available on his website sHEALy WELLNESS.

This article was originally published at sHEALy WELLNESS. Reprinted with permission from the author.