Does He Love You? 5 Signs He Is In Love With You


You know you like him a lot ... maybe it's even love, but does he feel the same way? Find out now.


4.  He doesn't stop you from reading his facebook page or answering his phone.  When a guy allows you in on his private, personal life, he is valuing you more than a casual girlfriend. He is sending two messages:  I have nothing to hide from you and I don't want to keep you a secret (so I can keep my options open in case a better girl comes along).

5.  He introduces you to his inner circle of friends and family. This group of friends and family are the people he loves and trusts the most. He generally wouldn't waste their time by introducing someone he didn't really care about. If you know, and regularly hang out with, his inner circle, it's a great indication he's serious about you. If you have answered "yes" to all of these questions, there is a good chance he is wildly, crazily, into you. There is a good chance he is even falling in love with you.  If so, that is fantastic for sexy, wonderful you. However, make sure he treats you with the utmost respect and loyalty, for that too is a true indication of love. He needs to treat you well before it's actual, true love. And you deserve the best, so only settle for the best.  Good luck!

If you have your own questions about how to tell if he is serious or in love with you, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you.

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