Too Tired for Sex?


Why does your husband get all sexy on the nights you’re most exhausted? How can he possibly expect you to feel romantic when you just finished wrestling the kids into bed and cleaning the cat’s throw up?

You’re wiped out, you’ve just finished your nightly chores – dishes, kids, pets, shower - and you crawl into the merciful peacefulness of your bed only to have your husband say “Honey” in that voice that means only one thing. You cringe. You think “I can’t, I don’t wanna,” but being a dutiful wife, you roll over and go through the motions. When it’s over, your husband complains, “You could try for a little enthusiasm.” You want to smack him upside the head. He’s lucky you stayed awake! Yet you love him and you’d like to be enthusiastic, but how?
Treat yourself and your husband to “sexy date night,” a regular weekly time/times you devote solely to being romantic and intimate with your husband. On that day, take a nap, get a sitter, let the chores go. Do whatever you have to so you are both rested and happy and eagerly looking forward to a romantic evening.
Now if you’re in a cranky “don’t wanna” mood in between your special times, you can say to your husband “Catch me on date night” and the good memories of those date nights will make your current lack of enthusiasm seem much less important.