Road Trip Hell


Why do road trips with your husband always end up in arguments? Why are you so aggravated by the simple act of driving somewhere with your husband?

You're fuming. Your husband insists on having the air-conditioner on high, never mind that you're freezing, and the radio station blasting rock-and-roll, never mind your eardrums. You repeat a silent "I will not let this prevent me from having a good time," but finally your patience ends. You erupt with "Will you turn that damn thing down!" Your bewildered husband turns to you yelling, "What?!" "I hate this!" you yell back. "What?" he shouts. You punch the radio off, whack the air conditioner down, and he says "What's your problem? That time of the month." Oh boy, wrong thing to say. You're off and running, full-blown fight club. What happened to that nice time you were supposed to be having?

It died from lack of planning. You know your husband has different preferences when it comes to temperature, decibel levels and music choices. What to do? Take two cars? No, get a sense of humor about your differences and negotiate them.

When you're planning the trip, plan the driving conditions as well. Maybe he drives an hour and you drive an hour, and whoever's driving gets to control the temperature and everything else. Maybe you figure out a happy medium and take some CDs you both enjoy.

Fifteen minutes of planning can save you hours of arguing – and a miserable ride.

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