Husband Resents Time With Kids


Why does your husband get cranky when you spend time with the kids? Why is he so demanding of your time when he knows you don’t have any!?

A woman laments: “I don’t get it, Mom, he sees me dealing with the kids – diapering one, holding the other back from hitting the cat, and chasing the third down before he runs naked into the street - and all my husband does is get home from work, plop into the couch and complain “We never go out anymore”?!” “Men are like that,” her Mom says sympathetically. “Yeah, well, it’s driving me nuts,” her daughter replies, “It’s bad enough I’ve got the 3 kids yanking at me all day long – I don’t need him yanking at me too.” “He’ll get over it, dear, “Mom says, “Why don’t you buy him an easy chair?” “I don’t think that’ll do it, Mom,” her daughter replies, exasperated.

She’s right – it won’t. But how do you deal with your husband so he isn’t yanking at you?

Don’t coddle your husband, involve him. Tell him, “Honey, I’d love us to go out more often. Here’s what you can do to help me with the kids so we can do that.” Give your husband a specific list of things to do - written down. Men typically respond very well to written lists.

Everytime he does something on your list, praise him enthusiastically, tell him what a terrific husband he is, and how sexy he is when he helps you out. Then go out – have a great time – and watch his crankiness dissolve.

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