How to Get Around “The Game”

How to Get Around “The Game”

You:  Third request: “I need you to fix the
toilet. Please.” Foot tapping.

Him:  Watching game. “Not now.” “Woo-hoo, go
‘9ers!” “Later, babe.” 

The game, the game, the
game. Oh, how you hate the game!

If you’re truthful with
yourself, it’s not the game you hate so much as the fact that whatever you want
seems to come second to the game. Every time. And there’s nothing you can do
about it.

Get that? Nothing you can do
about it.

So quit frustrating yourself
and resenting him! Let him know before the game the things you’ll need his help
with - heck, hand him a list – and then let him be.

Chances are very good that
if you will let him be during the game, he’ll be happy to help you – after the


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