How to Forgive a Little to Get a Lo

How to Forgive a Little to Get a Lo

Him: Slaps alarm off. Pulls covers over head. Groans. Gets up. Is cranky all day.

You: Chirpy. Cheery. Up happy. Good mood tanked by his grumpiness.

Which you then take out on him by nagging at him, bugging him for this or that, finding him irritating, and both of you having a miserable day as a result.

You then conclude that your relationship is deteriorating and rapidly going downhill.
Not likely.

 He got up on the wrong side of the bed. That’s all. We all do it from time to time, only here, your mutual timing is awful – you’re way up, he’s way down. So it feels worse.

But what you feel isn’t necessarily real . . .
So forgive him! Figure he’s just having a grump day, and go about your happy day on your own. You’ll find your together good-place again soon enough.

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