Hate To Exercise


Why don't you exercise when you know perfectly well you should? Why do you keep promising yourself you'll join the gym – but never get there?

You're huffing and puffing as you climb the stairs at work, irritated with yourself because you know you should be in better shape than this. It's getting harder to get your energy up in the morning, and you feel awfully rundown at night. You're well aware that exercising regularly would change all that, but you just can't seem to pull it together to get yourself into the gym. Let's face it, you hate exercising. Doing aerobics or running on a treadmill is your idea of torture – and a spinning class? Forget it, you'd rather die on the rack. So what to do?

Don't exercise. Anything you hate while you're doing it isn't going to benefit you in the long run. So don't exercise. Instead, find an activity that you really enjoy, that involves using your body and muscles actively, and do it regularly.

For example, square-dancing requires lots of quick and agile movement that's great for your body; so does salsa dancing, or learning the tango. Dedicated bird-watching requires hikes up and down mountains. Going for long walks with your dog will do wonders for your heart - and your dog's disposition.

In other words, look for ways to exercise your body that don't feel like exercise. Your body will get the benefit and your mind won't resist, 'cause of all the fun you'll be having while you're doing it!

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