Good Time with Your Mother in Law?!

Good Time with Your Mother in Law?!

Him: “I gotta go visit my Mom this weekend. I’d like you to come with me.”

You: Groan. Moan. “Do I have to? I hate going over there. She’s depressing.”

That’s true, she is. She’s older, crotchety, and without purpose since her children are grown and her husband died.
She’s still his Mom.
More importantly, he’d like you to come with. You’re gonna do it anyway, so why drag your feet?

Why not say “Sure, Hon. Piece of cake”? Why not be willing, if not to spend time with cranky Mom, to spend time going there and back with your Sweetie?
You could suggest going for a bite, or dessert, or a movie afterwards. Something to look forward to.

Might even be fun!

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