Contemplating an Affair?


Why are you about to have an affair when you know your marriage is over if your husband ever finds out? Why are you risking it all when you know it’s just lust?

A wife confides to her friend: “I’m thinking of having an affair.” “You’re not,” her friend says, “Do I know him? Who is it? Tell me everything.” “No, you don’t know him. And there’s not that much to tell, yet,” the wife replies. “I’m just, you know, thinking about it.” “But why?” the friend asks, “Are things that bad with your husband? Don’t tell me you’re getting a divorce!” “No,” the wife replies, “Nothing like that. Things are normal with my husband, I’m just so – bored!"

Indeed. That’s why most affairs happen – because you’re bored. But what are you supposed to do? Stifle your passion because you’re bored in your marriage? No, absolutely not. But the answer to boredom in a marriage isn’t stepping outside of your marriage, it’s stepping into your marriage, getting re-invested in your mate.

Too often in the day to day living of a marriage, you lose sight of what intrigued you about your husband when you first met. Instead of looking away from your mate, look at him with fresh eyes. Pretend you’ve just met and he’s your secret lover. Deliberately look for things about him to adore, to be passionate about. If there’s still love between you, you’ll find your boredom is soon just a distant memory.

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