50 Ways to Leave Your Lover


Why is it when you know – there are 50 ways to leave your lover – you still don’t do it? Why do you hang in there – day after miserable day, long after the love has gone?

Oh, it’s not that he’s abusive – he’s not. He’s not even a particularly bad person, it’s just that your days together are filled with arguments - a constant bickering over nothing, you don’t seem to have anything in common, anymore. He hates your friends, you hate his, you can't remember when you last had fun together - and your nights? Your nights are long and empty.

So why do you stay? Because it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, you had fun together, laughed together, loved together. More than that, you had a dream - of a happy life together – and that’s why you stay. The love may have died long ago, but somewhere deep inside of you, the Dream lives on. That’s the hardest thing to let go of.

So help yourself let the Dream go.
Talk to yourself in your bathroom mirror. Tell yourself “It’s over," until you really believe it. It may be hard to look into your own eyes and tell yourself the truth, but it will give your subconscious a powerful message.

Then, reinforce your mirror talk with affirmations: Tell yourself “I release the Dream of us” until you really do!

Finally, affirm the positive “A new Dream of love is coming my way” over and over, until that Dream walks into your life.

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