J'adore Facebook !

J'adore Facebook !

In the dating marketplace, Facebook is your friend! In fact, it could be your best friend… Here are three undeniable reasons for loving Facebook:

#1. Facebook is FREE, and free is fabulous! Facebook is an ideal adjunct to online dating. Match, eHarmony, and JDate have monthly fees and binding agreements, yet provide the same basic concept: online socialization, flirting from afar, and networking. Additionally, Facebook allows you to post intriguing status updates. Online dating websites can not compete in that arena...

#2. There are 500 million users on Facebook. This means everyone and their parakeet has an account! You can “friend” someone you met offline to establish a further connection. Plus, Facebook is a savvy screening tool. You can run your own spy-ops and look up a person who was referred to you by a friend or colleague. (Everyone does the Facebook snoop.) This is why it is imperative to have an impressive profile photo. I’d like to highlight one major issue regarding pictures: if your profile photos, along with other photos, depict you in compromising situations, please change them. We’ve all seen those photos involving blow-up dolls, keg stands, and bachelor / bachelorette parties gone awry. Yes, it’s absolutely HYSTERICAL seeing your friend dry-hump a plastic doll; however, save those types of pictures for your private collection…

* A quick word on privacy settings: I know Facebook privacy settings are the new craze; however, ease up on some of your settings. How will someone have the opportunity to electronically check-you-out (and vice versa) if they need FBI clearance? The idea is to have an attractive, accessible profile.

#3. Facebook gives you an instant peek into someone’s life. This means you have the opportunity to make an enticing (electronic) first impression. I’ve stated the obvious with the photographs, next is your profile. This is your marketing sheet, and an opportunity to communicate your personal brand. Talk up your interests, activities, education, employment, etc. A word of caution, don’t lie! If you do not have a PhD from Princeton, an Apple employee badge, or a license to practice law don’t proclaim you do… This will unequivocally bite you in the ass, personally and professionally. Deception will NEVER be an attractive attribute. Furthermore, you will always succeed by telling the truth; integrity is sexy!

I will open this up to all of you…
Do you find Facebook to be helpful or harmful in the dating market place?

Date and love boldly,