How to Establish Instant Dating Rapport

How to Establish Instant Dating Rapport

The best way to establish and maintain instant dating rapport is to talk about the other person, not you. Successful dating starts with successful conversations! Successful conversations are sustained by placing full attention on the person in front of you.

Convey humility when meeting new people. No one wants to hear about your personal and professional conquests upon initial introduction. I realize self promotion can be quite tempting… However resist the urge to boast. Even if your accomplishments include running up Mt. Everest without crampons or landing a deal with Donald Trump, defer this information. I don’t care if Lady Gaga just asked you to sing back-up for her, keep it under wraps! You will have plenty of time to talk about yourself as the conversation progresses. Let the present moment revolve around your acquaintance. By focusing on the other person you are exhibiting interest, understanding, and genuine concern for whom you’re speaking to. Assert yourself; dazzle them with compelling questions! You will be amazed by how quickly rapport is established and dating compatibility is calculated.

In order to expedite instant dating rapport, here are a few recommendations for men and women:

Men: balance your confidence and charm with grace and humility. (Braggadocio is not an attractive attribute.) Ask pertinent questions; use active listening skills and give a woman your full attention. Please remember, wandering eyes are a catalyst for trouble… I don’t care how fabulous her assets look in that low-cut shirt, maintain proper eye contact. Stay focused on her words, you will undoubtedly be rewarded!

Women: modestly maintain your aplomb;be positive, negativity is unattractive. During conversation, offer a man your assistance. Ask him about subjects you know he would like to discuss. You can’t go wrong with sports, technology, or his profession. (Steer clear of religion and politics.) Center the conversation on his activities and interests. This will give you immediate access to his true character, while screening for compatibility.

Finally, when is the best time to talk about yourself? The best time is when you are asked direct questions. When presented with the opportunity, modestly promote yourself and your life, but know when to reel it in. Conversely, if you are asked direct questions and you are without a relevant retort, people will begin to think you are part of a Russian spy ring…

In the dating marketplace, always be prepared to ask appropriate personal and professional questions, as well as answer these types of questions in return. As a reminder, be truthful; lying is counterproductive. Furthermore, the truth always finds its way to the surface. The objective of dating is to establish a connection, and the best way to establish a connection is through authentic rapport!

Date and love boldly,