First Kiss Bliss !

First Kiss Bliss !

It’s all about the first kiss!
Kissing is the gateway to intimacy.
And the first kiss is a window into what intimacy could be like…

There is nothing worse than a bad first kiss. And there is truly nothing worse than a bad first kiss without chemistry! Chemistry is the number one factor when considering compatibility with another person. And by chemistry, I’m talking about physical chemistry. When that first kiss happens, if you haven’t forgotten where you are for a moment, the chemistry is not intense. And while you’re indulging in that first kiss, if you’re thinking about how much money Tiger Woods has to pay in alimony, trust me: the chemistry is about as hot as BP Stock…

Sure, you can say: “But Nicole, there are different levels of physical chemistry”. Yes, this is true; and I would say: if the first kiss felt like your mouth had a run-in with a St. Bernard’s tongue, and you were not remotely interested in the possibility of getting naked one day, chances are things will not go very far. Now, if you are looking for a new Rummy 500 partner, that’s a different story. However, I’d be willing to bet you did not go out on a Friday night looking for a Rummy 500 partner…

There are all different types of love, passion, and chemistry. If you are looking to build a romantic foundation with someone, you need to feel a considerable level of chemistry. And by considerable, I mean feeling like a piece of chocolate has melted in your mouth after that first kiss; or, that detectable electric current running through your lips, while you’re being kissed by the perfect person…

The first kiss should be tender, yet enticing; classy, yet slightly erotic.
To all the men out there: please do not go crazy with your tongue, especially with a first kiss. And to all the ladies: if you like him and you are really enjoying that first kiss, put your back into it; kiss him so he knows you are interested.

I’ll open this up to all of you…
Have you been blown away by a first kiss?
Would you give someone a second chance after a sloppy first kiss?
If any one would like to share their first kiss experiences, let’s hear it!

Date and love boldly,