Date like a CEO !

Date like a CEO !

Dating is entrenched with emotions and uncertainties. And because dating is infused with intense passion and unpredictability, there is a propensity for extreme volatility. There is a way to diffuse the emotional apprehension...

If you replace the emotional aspect of dating with a logical, business philosophy, you will have more success in the dating marketplace. Successful businesses succeed because they have a well executed Business Model, and they operate on logic, not emotion. Humans can not operate without emotion, but we can operate with more reason.

Regardless of the size or industry, every business follows a Business Model. This model is applicable to your personal life. In the dating marketplace, think of yourself as a business selling a product. You are the Chief Executive Officer of “You Incorporated”. And as the CEO, you are responsible for the sales, marketing, promotion, and distribution of your product. Strong companies and brands do not beg for business or ponder their market strength, nor should you !

Here are a few brands which have complete command over the marketplace: Mercedes, Prada, Rolex, and Budweiser. Mercedes knows the S-Class is the best selling luxury automobile in the world because of consistent research, effective advertising, and a stellar marketing strategy. The CEO of Mercedes is not seeking customer approval; he’s aware of their adoration. Miuccia Prada is not calling up her friends, wondering if her customers are enjoying their Prada bags. She is confident in the quality and craftsmanship of her products. Rolex engineers are not stressed out, speculating if consumers are appreciating the technology of their Oyster Perpetual Air-King; they know people are in awe. Finally, when has the CEO of Budweiser called a customer to make sure they were satisfied with a Bud Light? Clearly, he has never placed this call… Brilliant brands do not doubt, they dominate. Their confidence is captivating; we are drawn to their strength. Through effective strategizing and marketing, you can generate the same type of buzz around YOU !

You can have the confidence and success of these companies by adopting a Business Model to your personal life. Treat yourself like a brand; ask yourself these questions: What are my brand strengths? What are my brand weaknesses? What does my brand image say about me? What is my brand reputation? Who is my target market?

By effectively answering these questions, you will be more successful in the dating marketplace. Additionally, the balance of emotion and logic will assist you on your quest. I will open this up to all of you... If you were a product, what would you be? How would this product best describe your essence?

Date and love boldly,