Bombshells, Beamers, and Bank Accounts - Oh My !


To those in the dating marketplace living in Shallow-Ville, wake up!
News Flash: you’re not that fabulous; none of us are. The only people who are über important are those with the nuke codes... And I’m fairly certain officials at the State Department are not reading this article. However, Hillary if you happen to be reading this, you looked ravishing at Chelsea’s wedding!

To all the guys out there: get over your delusions of dating a stripper, with the hope she’ll have an IQ of 140! (Furthermore, you are not Tiger Woods.) I hate to dispel your fantasy, but a woman with 34-24-34 dimensions, DDD implants, plus an Ivy League education will not be knocking on your door…

To all the ladies out there: get over your delusions of dating Prince Charming, he’s a Disney character. (Walt Disney had no idea how lethal his iconic hero would be to a woman’s psyche!) And Richard Gere's character in Pretty Woman is courtesy of Touchstone Pictures; Edward Lewis is not real. Pretty Woman did a mind-job on all women, prostitutes included…

These dating delusions have thrown everything out of perspective in the dating marketplace. Why has a large percentage of the dating population become so overtly shallow and irrational? I’m all for high standards, deal-breakers, and non-negotiables; but this has somehow taken a toxic turn! From Bombshells to bank accounts, dating expectations have become staggeringly superficial… There are stains on the interior and exterior of every person. These imperfections make us human. Ask yourself this question: are my expectations fair?

I am 100% not suggesting for you to settle; I would NEVER propose you submerge yourself in that type of misery. I am advising you to be introspective and identify what you are truly looking for in another person. We all want different things, this is fantastic! Diversity is a beautiful part of life. I’m simply saying re-assess your standards, and start looking deeper. The exterior should not be your ultimate concern, it wanes over time. 6-Pack Abs look like rolls of dough at 70!

* I speak from years of experience when I say this: 90% of marriage / relationships happen with your clothes ON. I love pealing off my clothes with my husband, but that is not the ultimate; it’s part of the foundation.

Guys: She may not be Julianne Moore, but does it really matter if she has red hair, verses blonde?! Does it really matter if she’ a B cup, not a DD?! (I already know your answer to that, don’t say it out loud!) She could be perfectly compatible in every other category…

Ladies: Are you going to pass him up because he drives a 1995 Corolla, and presently can not afford a BMW?! He may not look like Swedish Soccer Star Freddie Ljungberg, but does it really matter if he’s loosing his hair?! Who cares if his clothes are a bit out-dated; you can help him. He could potentially be an amazing fit for you.

I will open this up to all of you… Can we all agree it’s time to exit Shallow-Ville and explore other substantive options?

Date and love boldly,