7 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas


Here are 7 inexpensive ways to show your partner how much you care this holiday season.

Are you tired of hearing the endless holiday advertisements for “door buster” sales? Seriously, is there really a need to stand in line at a retail chain at 4AM?! American consumerism has distorted the true meaning of the holiday season. The holidays are about honoring religion, as well as expressing affection and gratitude for loved ones.

I’m amused by the holiday ads for luxury cars with a giant red bow wrapped around the vehicle… The size of your bank account does not determine how much you care for someone; it’s the depth of love and devotion which are most important. If you’re on a tight budget this holiday season, or would simply like to escape the madness of materialism, here are 7 inexpensive gifts to show your partner how much you care:

Write a poem: You don’t have to be a wordsmith to impress your partner. When you write from the heart your words will flow. Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner Robert Frost!

Cook a romantic dinner: A perfect way to express your affection is through a heartfelt home cooked meal. Shut off the electronic distractions, dim the lights, and take the time to connect over a romantic meal.

Make a gift basket: This isn’t just any gift basket! This is a thoughtful, inexpensive gift basket. Fill a basket with your partner’s favorite personal care items and other inexpensive treats. Raid the travel aisle at Target, and don’t forget the travel KY…

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