10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Last 10 Years

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Ever wonder how some couples make it work for years on end? Find out here.

5. Laughter / Comedy:  Laughter is the lifeblood for relationship longevity. Life can throw an unexpected amount of adversity in your direction. The ability to laugh with your partner will help you through challenging moments. How often do you laugh with your partner? Does your partner make you laugh? Do you have a shared sense of humor? Having a similar comedic appreciation will ensure more smiles than sadness. Additionally, the ability to laugh at yourself and each other will allow you to experience a heightened sense of joy and contentment.

6. Permanent Passion:  Passion should not wane in a relationship. How much passion do you feel for your partner? Does your desire drive you to act on your feelings? How often are you passionate with your partner? Please know that being passionate does not always mean sexual activity. You can express passion via kissing, caressing, and cuddling, or through your words and writings. The written word will always be one of the most powerful ways to communicate the love and passion you have for your partner.

7. Dependability / Security:  Can you depend on your partner? Can your partner depend on you? Dependability is a mainstay for long-term connections. Your partner should be able to depend on you for a myriad of relationship needs, and vice versa. Does your partner make you feel physically and emotionally safe? Are you able to offer this type of security to your partner? A consistent demonstration of security and dependability enables a greater degree of connectivity and trust.

8. Support / Understanding:  An unwavering level of support and understanding drives relationships forward. Do you make an effort to support and understand your partner on a daily basis? Do they do the same for you? If your partner wanted to make a personal or professional change, would you show them support and understanding or disdain? Be mindful of your reactions; resistance breeds resistance.

9. Unconditional Love (and Like!):  There is a sharp distinction between like and love. You can love someone, but not sincerely like them. True love (and like) must be without condition. Do you feel romantic love without condition for your partner? Do you truly like your partner as a person? Do you like being around them? Do you accept them for who they genuinely are? If you are trying to change someone's core, you are not in the right relationship. The 3 C's Of Long-Lasting Love

10. Life Goals / Relationship Goals:  Successful marriages share the same life goals as well as relationship goals. What do you want out of life? What do you want out of a relationship? Does your partner share your sentiments? If you know you would like to have children, be sure your partner feels as strongly as you do about raising children and parenting. If you are looking to maintain and grow your financial status, have no doubts that your partner is capable of meeting this goal. By having the same visions, you will reduce disappointment and uncertainty.

After 10 blissful years of marriage, I can say this with certitude: Rob and I have a successful relationship because of our mutual adoration and because we are a compatible match, especially in the aforementioned categories. Consequently, it takes more than unconditional love to keep a marriage together. Marriage requires constant action, acceptance, and attention — done willingly and with joy.