The Most Effective Way For Couples To Lose Weight

The Most Effective Way For Couples To Lose Weight [EXPERT]

Why go it alone when you can lose weight together?

How many times have you turned to your partner and asked the following questions: "If I order fries....will you have some?" "Why don't we each get one dessert and taste each other's?" "Wanna just skip the gym and head straight to brunch?"

What's going on here? Why do we enlist our partners in our food indulgences? Is it simply social ... or is there something else at play? They say that misery loves company, and I would submit that unhealthy habits love company, too.

Parties and special occasions aside, we tend to feel much better about our indulgences when someone else is joining in. It's as though we think the calories somehow "don't count" if everyone is eating the same cheese platter. Suddenly, it's not so bad to be eating greasy Thai food at 1 a.m., because hey, someone else is eating it, too! You can't both be wrong, eh?

If you're interested in being healthier and losing some weight, this let's-eat-junk-together phenomenon can work for you or against you. Let's discuss how you can turn it around and use your relationship as your greatest asset in living a healthy life.

We've all seen those couples where both partners look like chiseled fitness fanatics who live at the gym. We've also all seen those couples where both partners are significantly overweight. How does that happen? Do fit people find each other? Do unhealthy people gravitate towards one another? Kind of! Continue reading.

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