Does Your 'BUT' Get In Your Way?


How to kick your own 'BUT' - and start living the life you want.

How often do you talk yourself out of taking action? How often do you say to yourself:

  • "Yeah, I suppose I could start working on a new career, BUT.....,"
  • "I guess I could finally tackle the clutter in this apartment, BUT.....,"
  • "I know I could make more of an effort to be healthy, BUT....".

What's up with that? Why so quick with the 'but'?

I submit that we're quick to thwart our own pursuits because we don't believe that things will play out in our favor. The house will 'never' be neat and orderly. We're 'never' going to be as thin as we want. We're 'never' going to be able to change careers.

We don't think that our desired results will be we don't even let ourselves start. We figure why invest time and energy in something that's NOT even going to work out anyway, right?

Well, THAT was easy, huh? Your wonderful ideas, your hopes and dreams, all explored and squashed in the time it took you to say 'but'.

As soon as you let your 'but' get in the way of what's possible, your goals become less probable. 

Ya see - it's your thinking, man. Doesn't it always come back around to the thoughts inside your head? Your lack of belief in what's possible - your 'but' - is going to limit what becomes probable in your life. Your big 'ol 'but' gets in your way.

The flip side however, is that if you can believe something is possible for you, then it becomes much more probable that you will actually make it happen. You will have kicked your own 'but'.

For example: If you believe that it is possible to find designer shoes at a steep discount in Manhattan - then you will probably find them.

If you believe that it is possible for you to be making more money, then you will probably find a way to make that happen, too.

And if you believe that it is possible for you to be more fulfilled, wealthier, healthier, more informed, a better parent, a better partner, and a better human being.....then the belief in what's possible, will instantly make your end-goal more probable.

What is possible in your life? What would it take for you to get off your 'but' - and start turning those possibilities into probabilities?