Women: 1 Surefire Way to Turn a Man Off Immediately


Ladies! Are you turning men off? Read below to find out what topic to avoid when conversing with men

Just a couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine (Demetri) shared with me an interesting experience he had while on a date.

The date started off wonderfully. Demetri's confidence was at an all-time high--he was dapper and his date looked nothing short of ravishing. He took her to Folk’s Folly for some fine wining and dining. After all, she was gorgeous. Demetri wanted to see what else she had to offer.

For the first hour or so, the two avidly discussed each other's passions and goals (which are always great topics of conversation on first dates, by the way). They seemed to click on all cylinders. And then, like a fighter jet blasted with a missile, everything suddenly went south . . . Demetri's off switch was quickly flipped.

What happened? Everything was going so well . . .


Ladies listen closely: In dating, especially in the early stages, what you talk about and the words you say can immediately turn a man off!

One subject in particular that could wipe out all possible chances of future dates is ex-talk.

Honestly, positive talk of any other man, whether it's past or current, will not sit well with your date. In most cases, he will instantly be turned off, and thus disinterested in YOU.

Men have no desire whatsoever to hear about another man in a woman's life. Men are too territorial for that.

Many women do not understand this about males and often lead themselves down a very dark road, under the false impression that they are creating more want and desire within the man . . . this couldn't be further from the truth.

Ask all of the men you know if they want to listen to a woman they’re interested in (no matter how hot they are) talk about another man in a positive light.

I promise you that 95% (if not all) of them will say "Hell no!" And the other 5% are just . . . well, weird, for lack of a better word.

Jumping back to my conversation with Demetri, the woman took the ride down that dark road I mentioned earlier. She got a little too comfortable with Demetri. She began to tell him how she missed her ex-boyfriend at times, what it was that was so special about him, and how badly he wants her back. She then had the nerve to tell Demetri that he reminded her a lot of her ex! Needless to say, Demetri never called her again after that night.

This should serve as a wakeup call for all women.

Unless your goal is to push a man as far away from you as possible, then never voluntarily have ex-talk during the early stages of dating.

Of course, if the man brings the subject up, that's another story (hence the word "voluntarily").

Positive talk (sometimes even negative talk) of another man that is/was in your life will turn your date off faster than you could imagine.

I wouldn't be surprised if the off switch is flipped from the moment they hear the words "my ex" come out of your mouth.

Simply put, this is a no-no.

Your best bet is to leave all past men in your life out of the equation.

Keep this in the back of your mind the next time you're on a date . . . that is, if you like the guy at all.


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P.S. What are some other surefire ways to turn men off that you've experienced?  What topics of conversation turn you off, as women?

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