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You are an amazing and beautiful being. You deserve rad, amazing love. Your way. Because you, my dear, are unconventional and get to create the exact life you want!

About Natalie Vartanian

Have any of the following thoughts crossed your mind when you are by yourself or are crying yourself to sleep at night?

  • “Why haven’t I found the one yet?”
  • “What do I need to do to have love in my life?”
  • “Why do I keep attracting the same kind of people or relationships?
  • “I don’t understand what I am doing wrong!”
  • “Why does it seem so easy for everyone else?”
  • “Why does it always feel so hard, like a constant uphill battle?”
  • “I’m never going to find someone who loves me for who I am!”
  • “Am I destined to be alone the rest of my life?
  • “When is it going to be my turn to have a happy, healthy relationship?”
  • “What is wrong with me?”

I HEAR you and I FEEL you.

I know what it is like to feel the way you do because I have been there.

I have been that girl, crying herself to sleep, feeling confused, alone, desperate.

I’m here to say that you are perfect just the way you are and you deserve amazing love.

You get to have the relationship of your dreams and I am just the woman for the job!

You might think something is wrong with you.

Or that you are undeserving or not worthy.

But you ARE worthy!

You don’t have to DO anything to prove it either.

You are unique and perfect and amazing AS IS.

It’s my job to help you remember that.

Nothing is more fulfilling for me than that moment where you get it.

The wide eyed excitement is intoxicating.

It is the exhilaration of knowing you can have anything you want!

What I do is help you gain clarity, heal wounds, build confidence and propel you on your way to having that amazing love.

What I remind you of is to believe in yourself and live from a place of magic and miracles.

We were never taught about any of this stuff growing up. 

Think about it! Where in our schooling, family or friend groups did we learn about how to have healthy, successful, loving relationships?

Communication, honesty, compromise with our partner?! What?!

That is another place I come in: to teach you the lessons you never learned about love, dating and relationships growing up.

I have years of personal experience and tons of acquiring knowledge regarding all of these juicy, sensitive, fascinating topics.

I am a certified life coach, writer, speaker, workshop facilitator and an expert when it comes to sex and relationships. I know it’s possible to have amazing love in an unconventional way.

I am ridiculously good at helping people change the way they see situations, bringing humor into the hard, helping you understand what it is you really want, and making good sex and relationships into the top priority.

I work with individuals and couples to build better relationships and help them amplify the communication and intimacy, which always results in better sex.

I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, as well as certifications in coaching from The Coaches Training Institute and International Coach Federation.

I have also worked in organizations such as Google to develop personal development curriculum and present around the importance of designing relationships in the classroom to educators, as well as personal leadership for education outreach professionals. 

My work has been featured in Forbes.com, Good Men Project, Your Life Your Way, JMag and Cupids Pulse

If you are ready to explore the magic we can make together, contact me to set up a 20 minute sample session.

I will help you figure out what may be getting in the way and we can see if we are a good fit.

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Natalie Vartanian Success Stories

Changing the stressful relationship women have with sex

Single women

“I’ve always had kinda a weird relationship with sex. I would use it as a tool to control relationships, or sometimes I would feel obligated to do it because I had gone on X number of dates or the guy was Y amounts of nice to me. I used to not want to have sex with someone I was interested in because I didn’t want them to think I was “that kind of girl”, and when I’d have sex with someone I wasn’t interested in dating, I’d feel cheap and like I lost all my power, credibility, and I’d find myself weirdly wanting them to want to be with me outside of that one instance.more

And all of these things added up to me having NO fun in the bedroom. To constantly being in my head, thinking about the situation and how it was all going to play out in the future. Wondering what he thinks of me and what we’re doing.

Talking to Natalie has changed everything for me. Just being able to talk about sex and my sex life in a safe and fun environment has changed the way I look at my sex. I’ve been trying different things. Re-evaluating my old beliefs. Changing the ways I used to feel. Since talking to Natalie I have a completely different relationship to sex. And using the tools she has taught me, I have attracted partners that are exactly in line with what I want in my life. I have more fun, I’m able to communicate what I want, and I’m able to really open up into being the person that I truly am. I feel like Natalie saved my sex life. Honestly.”

Looking at sex as a playful experience & being patient with self

Women in non-monogamous relationships

“Natalie is so full of light that you can’t help but feel comfortable the moment you meet her. She has such an air of non-judgment that you will find yourself opening up about things that you might have hidden deep inside for fear of releasing a dirty little secret. I always feel as though I am in good hands with Natalie. She is the perfect balance between professional and fun, and with that combo, you will always feel as though you are talking to a friend.more

Since having the pleasure of working with Natalie, I have found that my overall attitude towards sex has shifted from one of taking sex way too seriously to now looking at sex as the playful experience that it can be. I have also learned that sometimes that paradigm shift can take some time, and that I needed to be gentle with myself, and not rush into any drastic measures when it came to sexual decisions. With this new idea of sex as “play” in mind, I find that I can hone in to what is pleasurable for myself, and what is pleasurable for my boyfriend, and not have to make the “big finish” the endgame for each of our sexual encounters. When that “pressure” is gone, it releases so much space for us to learn about each other, and laugh and play, and explore. Now, that is a gift!!!!”

Alexis Maron, M.A.
Drama Therapist
Huntington Beach, CA

Learning to calm the chaos and set boundaries during dating

Women seeking a relationship

“Every time I have anything going on in my relationships, I dial Natalie immediately. Whether it’s to help me calm down the absolute chaos in my mind about something, or to do a check-in about what is going on a situation I can’t figure out, or to help craft a text or email to a guy that is encroaching on my boundaries, she always has the absolute perfect thing to say. She tells the truth, which is SO important in relationship work, so I can’t hide anything that’s going on. Which is ultimately what I want in order to grow. Natalie is truly gifted in this field. I literally have her on speed dial. If you want connected, amazing, sparked, passionate relationships, Natalie is your girl.”more

Sally Hope
Renegade Life Coach and Leader of the Wildheart Revolution
Bozeman, MT

Getting clear and having fun during the dating process

Women seeking a relationship

“Working with Natalie has helped me dig deeper and really search my soul for what I truly want in regards to a relationship and intimacy. It always felt natural and safe because there is no judgment; however when I needed to be challenged for my own good Natalie also knew how to do that. I mean, we all talk about what we want, right? Shoot, I talk about it allll the time! The difference with working with Natalie was that I actually wrote things down, processed them, went back to them, changed things and surrendered to it. Based on this diagnostic process I now quickly identify if the good looking guy in front of me is worth my time in getting to know on a deeper level or just a fun casual level.more

Since coaching with Natalie I have become very clear on what I want, what my worth in a relationship is and what kind of man I will cherish and want to attract. My favorite part about our work together is being reminded to have FUN while dating until the real deal comes my way. All in all, this experience has opened my mind and heart. For this reason, if any person out there has ever found themselves laying in bed asking themselves, “when will I meet him/her?” then I personally and truly believe Natalie should be your next call.”

Tabitha Nieto
Certified Hypnotherapist, Infinite Well Hypnosis
Los Angeles, CA

Finding the partner of your dreams by creating your Wish List

Women starting over

“The day after I did the homework (Rad Love List Wish List) from our coaching session I met the girl I am now dating. We have been together for a month already and are just crazy about each other. She is everything on my list, except that she drinks coffee – which is really not a big deal at all. Natalie helped me open up to the possibilities of dating after 30 years and helped me feel more comfortable with the whole thing!”more

Joni Zander
Corvallis, OR

Becoming confident to date and be in relationship again

Single women

An email from a long time reader about her latest perspective when it comes to dating and relationships!more

"Work is good, family is doing ok, and I've decided that I am ready for a relationship (this is HUGE for me.) Reading your blog posts has helped me a lot, especially at times when I don't feel so confident. My next steps are re-signing up for match.com, and being consciously open to the possibility of meeting someone at any given moment. Hope all is well with you!  xoxo"

Starting over in a relationship and your sex drive

Couples trying to start over

I wrote an article for my advice column "Ask The Sexpert" regarding dealing with a sex drive that has died after the constant breaking up and making up in this woman's relationship. The following is her feedback:more

"Thank you so much Natalie. Your advice hit home and I think the grieving process (properly done) is something I have been avoiding or in fear of due to the amount of pain I will experience. I am very committed to making this relationship work and getting over this is the only way I will succeed that. Again, I really really appreciate you. Many many thanks."